A phrase that is heard a lot nowadays, ‘work hard play hard’ is a mantra that has defined many successful careers and lifestyles. This philosophy encourages individuals to find the same enthusiasm in work achievements as they do in their passions and hobbies, resulting in higher degrees of positivity and motivation. The workplace today is a competitive field and requires constant dynamism and drive to keep up with targets and goals. To help employees achieve a work-life balance, it is important for employers to dedicate a certain amount of resources to develop a culture that is both work and employee friendly.
Play More to Work Harder
An office offsite or getaway goes a long way in improving communication and teamwork. After a weekend experience in one of the many corporate outing resorts in Bangalore, the buzz at the workplace on Monday is palpable, as colleagues turn up with a renewed sense of responsibility and energy. Signing up for customized team building activities in Bangalore can be one of the best ways to spread a happy and productive culture in the workplace. A well planned corporate day outing helps develop a winning attitude amongst participants that helps them identify fun and personal satisfaction at work just like they do at play.

Developing Long Term Motivation
Regular outings from the office help team members look forward to each other’s company and have more reasons to connect. Some of the best resorts in Bangalore for one day team outings offer activities that are specially designed for effective ice breaking and team building. Organized sports develop a sense of thrill and healthy competition amongst employees. Problem-solving games and activities involving groups and leadership encourage teamwork and nurture leadership skills among participants.
Spreading Workplace Joy
It may not be the most prudent idea to have a dedicated day for fun in the confines of a corporate environment for many obvious reasons, noise and unsuitable spaces being just a couple of them. At times, it is best to get the team out in a new environment away from the confines of a corporate setting. You can partake in some office revelry in dedicated team outing resorts near Bangalore for a day of sports, games and problem-solving activities.

Promoting the Philosophy
Employee well-being is one of the keys to a successful business and getting individuals to enjoy their work goes a long way in creating a positive environment and nurturing creativity on the office floor. Stress and exhaustion are reduced when enthusiasm is the driving force of productivity. Organizing team outings as a reward for a task well-done, not only gives employees some much-needed respite from routine but also gives them an incentive to perform. Corporates can promote a culture of ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ with well-spaced and thoughtfully crafted activity programmers for their employees. Whether it is a one-day getaway in Bangalore’s outskirts or a weekend in one of the corporate special Masinagudi resorts, getting employees to play hard and have fun is sure to lead to better results in the boardrooms too.