The past few years we have seen a rise in popularity for hiking and trekking so much that every weekend is set aside by enthusiasts for exploring something new. For those who have still not caught up with this hobby, should understand the many benefits it offers both to the mind and body. Read below to learn more about it!

Affordable and Easy
Going on a hike or even trekking needs very little prior experience hence no costly training is needed for it. Moreover, it does not require any gym membership or any costly types of equipment. All that is needed is a pair of shoes and socks, a few basic stuff and you are ready to go out and enjoy the trip. It is a more affordable option than joining a gym. Despite all these advantages, if you are worried that you will have to drive hours to go on a hike or a trek. Then don’t be! Even if you live in a city there will be nature trails. Like for example, if you live in Bangalore there are many trekking places and hiking trails around the city where you can have an enjoyable experience. So checkout for such places in your city.

Improves Physical Health
An active lifestyle is essential to stay healthy and if you are bored of the same old gym and treadmill, then hiking or trekking is a great option as it has some amazing health benefits. It helps to keep you in shape, stay fit and also boost your cardiovascular health. If you do it regularly, it increases your stamina and also develops the muscles. It provides all the health benefits that you get from working out in a costly gym. Also, since it is a form of walking it is a natural form of exercise.

Reduces Stress
A hike or a trek is a great distraction and a break from the routine. These activities help everyone but are more beneficial for people who have negative thoughts or have low confidence. Studies show that being with nature helps to reduce and combat stress. When you hike, trek or walk in the lush greenery, the body releases endorphins which is a painkiller and by the end of the activity, you feel refreshed and distressed. There are many adventure resorts in Bangalore which are located in scenic and natural spots. Opt to stay in one of them and enjoy the hiking or trekking activities they conduct and rejuvenate yourself.

Reduces Stress

Spend Quality Time With Family
The hustle and bustle of living in the city mean that you don’t get enough time to spend with your loved ones. By indulging in hiking or trekking you get to walk, talk and spend quality time together. Since people of all ages can do it together, a family of different ages can be together. When you are doing this activity with family, accommodation, and food may be your main concern, but this problem is solved by resort Discovery Village which provides accommodation, food, and even interesting activities for families to have a great time.

Get Close to Nature
In this digital age where everyone is more interested in sitting with their gadgets rather than going out, there is a need to get away from these devices and go back to nature. When you are hiking or trekking you are close to nature and can get in the amazing views and reconnect. You will soon have a newfound appreciation of natural things like trees, birds, and animals and feel at home despite leaving all your comforts back home. Discovery Village resort help in enabling people to get close to nature by providing accommodation in scenic places, offering treks in unknown destinations, overnight camping, and wildlife safaris, etc.

get close to nature

It is for all
These are activities which can be done by people of all ages. It is not exclusive for anyone and there is no minimum or maximum age for it. Depending on your fitness level and age one can choose the difficulty levels of the trails and since every trail offers a unique experience it will be an enjoyable experience.

Completing a trail is a personal accomplishment that anyone will be proud of. It can be a short, easy one or an adventurous one but at the end of it, you experience joy. It will also be an unforgettable memory!

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