“Life is an endless process of self-discovery” ― James Gardner
Sometimes, the high demands of a workplace environment can tie you down from expressing yourself entirely. While some people seem totally unaffected, others might get bogged down due to various factors such as high pressure, heavy workload and strict timelines. In certain cases, such an environment breeds an introverted character who tends to shy away from interaction and this in turn might put a strain on the relationship between fellow employees and their perception of you. The ability to cope and respond in such scenarios often reveals your personality. Now imagine yourself in one such situation. How would you react? Ask yourself – “What type of a person are you?”. In her work, The Enneagram: A Path to Self-Discovery, author Kelley Granger suggests that correctly determining your personality type and the various influences it has is the first step towards attaining personal growth and improvement in relationship.
It is very well documented that engaging employees has a positive influence on their performance and effectively improves teamwork. According to the journal Business-unit-level relationship between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and business outcomes: A meta-analysis an increase in employee engagement leads to an increase in business unit outcomes. Organizing corporate day outing is an effective way of cultivating team culture and encouraging the individuals to interact with each other, thereby understanding the dynamics of a group and discovering oneself through it.
Home to a growing number of small, medium and large organizations, there are many resorts in Bangalore for one day team outing. The team building activities organized by Discovery Village, are aimed at helping individuals and teams to unlock their potential, strengthen the collaboration and get away from the chaos of city life. These outbound training and adventurous activities, like the one in Nandi Hills Bangalore or the one planned at Masinagudi Resorts, are not only fun but act as excellent stress busters as well. Through all these, individuals can acquire insight into their own character. The absence of such engaging activities tends to plant seeds of self-doubt among certain individuals. Some people often refrain from any or all sort of communication fearing what others might think of them and which is why being self-aware is vital.
To conclude, identifying your personality traits and finding the answer to the question – “What type of Person you are?” is essential on the road to self discovery. Studies have found enough evidence to suggest that engaging employees will create a sense of belonging and foster better relationship among co-workers. Indulging in outbound group activities away from the workplace is seen as an effective way to tap into the personality of individuals and motivate them to build a strong bond with others in the team, which in turn translates into a positive output in the work environment. Amidst all the frenzy of life and work, one must be able to seek out their inner self and discover who they truly are.