Adventure Camps are the perfect way to keep your little ones engaged during the summer vacation. However, do you know why they’re beneficial? Adventure camps can be preventive as well as curative. In today’s screen tethered world, a little bit of fresh air can do wonders. Today’s child has forgotten the smell of fresh air or the beauty of being outside, playing. Reconnecting the child with nature is just one more way of stimulating and enhancing the growth of the child. Here’s why every child should experience an adventure camp:

  1. Experiential learning

The education system is mainly focused on books and camps are based on the experience. Touching, feeling, smelling along with listening and seeing. Schools incorporate audio-visual aids, but do they allow you to smell or feel? Would you remember different types of trees if you only saw them, or if you were able to feel and smell them as well? Memory is an important part of school life and an adventure camp will engender different ways your child’s brain remembers.

  1. Being aware

With phones, computers and TV’s, your child doesn’t need to pay attention to anything but one rectangular screen. At camp, he has to be aware of his surroundings. Exercising multiple senses and faculties simultaneously is very beneficial to a growing child. Adventure resorts in Bangalore will help them multitask in the future, an important aspect of the fast paced modern lifestyle. Dependence on only one sense can be highly detrimental to your child, prevent it from happening.

  1. Trying new things

The benefits of trying new things are multi-faceted. One, the fear of the unknown is eroded. Trying new things is a sure way of making your child open and fearless to the unknown. Fear of the unknown can be crippling, as it accrues to adulthood. Nip it in the bud with your children at a family outing in Bangalore, make them fearless.
Secondly, trying new things allows children to learn about themselves and learn about their interests. As they discover themselves and their various strengths, the confidence gained can carry forward to their daily lives and potentially their whole lifetime. Confidence, self-reliance and independence is key for mental health. The resorts in Masinagudi will promote just that. Having faith in one’s own ability or thought process is all the empowerment one needs.

  1. Space

While adults know the joy of having some alone time or space from family, what they don’t know is that children benefit from it too. Being stuck within the same surrounding day in and day out can be frustrating to your child, without them even realising it. The same surrounding can teach you only a limited amount. Only exploring the new will truly broaden horizons. Let your child explore in Discovery Village’s resorts with activities in Bangalore.