A good job in today’s world no longer means being just the top of your class or doing the best in exams. The modern workplace calls for competency in a wide variety of activities other than academics because recruiters are looking for people who can see beyond what they are taught in classes. Communication skills, leadership, motivation and stress management are some skills that are highly valued and interviewers try to find candidates that can perform well in these areas.
CareerBuilder has conducted a study that has shown that 77% of employers think that soft skills are just as important as hard skills and 16% of those believed soft skills were more important that hard skills.
Apart from nailing an interview, soft skills are also needed to further yourself in your career. Showing up for a meeting on time and dressing in a work appropriate manner can say a lot more than you can communicate to someone about your character. Working well with your team is essential to your personal success, as well as the progress of the entire team. Taking up a leadership role when required and delegating responsibility is a skill that not many individuals naturally have, but one that can easily be developed through practice and implementation.
Here, at Discovery Village, we offer you the chance to learn and develop your skills, through activities designed to cater to your group’s needs. From learning leadership skills through interactions in the wild playground, to communication around the bonfire in nature’s theatre, learn more about yourself and how to develop your skills through a host of activities created just for you.
The team here will ensure that you are guided along your day-long or half day course with fun activities made to impart skills and teach the participants how to develop them.
A study by Bernard Schulz of Polytechnic of Namibia shows that soft skills are the competitive edge that an employer looks for in an employee. A way of developing this is to enroll in formal classes or by looking at self-training options.
Learning in a team has proven to develop skills, as there is time to practically implement them while interacting with other members. With some of the best places for team outing in Bangalore on offer, developing soft skills in a comfortable environment is what is offered to you. Team building activities in Bangalore that guarantee you adventure, thrill, collaboration, creativity and planning and communication are what are in schedule for your day of soft skills training.
Our instructors offer you both safety and fun within Bangalore, as well as at some select locations outside the city where your group can engage in more activities such as trekking, hiking, raft building and more. The team at Discovery Village believes in the value of outdoor therapy and its ability to open up an individual and teach them more about themselves and others that they are interacting with.
So come join us, at a resort in bangalore for one day team outing or resorts in masinagudi to unleash your hidden soft skills!