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As the weekend edges closer, some look forward to sleeping in while others aim to cut the slack and pack the bags for a quick trip. If you belong to the second category you can choose from any of the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing or try the adventurous experiences offered by Kabini river resorts. There are many more options,but for those of you who are looking to stay indoors here is a cool game to spend a fun weekend with friends. Have you heard of the Twister game? This has been a rage for decades, andwas an instant hit when it was introduced.
The origin/history – ReynGuyer came up with a novel idea for a board game, which became Twister:
That pretty much sums up how it all started. While working athis father’s design business making point-of-purchase displays, he thought of designing a mat that was to be used as a promotional item. He wanted to make an interactive game mat where the players themselves stood as the actual game pieces. The novelty of the idea fueled by ReynGuyer’s creativity resulted in the Twister. It is a game which is played on a game mat with colourful circles where players stand and follow the instructions from a referee.

Fun facts about Twister:


  • Among the names that the game was given initially one was “Pretzel”
  • The adhesives giant 3M turned down the game when the team had approached it in the beginning
  • Johnny Carson played the game on his show in 1966 which ignited the popularity of the game
  • Certain cultures considered the game to be against their traditions, for example, the Germans did not like it when the women took off their shoes in public.
  • There is a textured mat with Braille available for the blind players

How to play Twister:


  • The Twister game rules are pretty simple. There should be a group of 3 or more players to play the game out of which one would act as the referee.
  • Lay the mat on a flat surface
  • Two players stand on either edges near the word Twister, with one foot on the yellow circle and one on blue. The third player stands at the center of the red circles’
  • The referee has the mat with the needle which also has different coloured circles and zones for the right and left legs and hands. The referee spins the needle and calls out the colour of the circle where the needle points and the appropriate hand or leg.
  • The players need to place the corresponding limb on the correct circle. The game keeps continuing as the players continue reaching for the different circles called out without moving from their current position.
  • The person who loses his balance and falls off is disqualified. The one player that is left standing on the mat till the end is declared a winner.

Where to play Twister:

This makes a great game to play with smaller groups. The game can extend for hours depending on how the players take turns and how they hold up. The game canbe played indoor or outdoor. A flat dry surface is all that you need. Placing weights on the edges of the mat would make sure that the mat does flap while playing. So, when are you trying this fun game with your friends?