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Physical activity is a must for every individual. It not only keeps you physically fit, but also rejuvenates and re-energizes your mind to help you take on your daily tasks with refreshed enthusiasm.
While there are various activities that can be done on a daily basis to keep yourself fit, trekking is one physical activity that is sure to reset your body clock and bring you in sync with your natural surroundings.
What is trekking?
Simply put, trekking is a journey undertaken on foot to explore wilderness and nature. Trekking is an activity that can last for a few hours or extend up to a few days. Usually undertaken with a group of people, trekking provides a great opportunity to build new relationships and get to know more people, all of this in addition to working towards great physical fitness.

Five benefits of trekking
While it offers countless boons, here are the five key benefits of trekking:

  1. Peace of mind: Nothing soothes your mind better than being away from the hustle and bustle of the city and tensions of the routine life. Being away from pollution, restricting yourself from staring into electronics, eating limited, simple food and sharing a good laugh with your fellow trekkers, all of this is bound to make your mind thank you for giving it this break.
  2. Increases focus and productivity: Trekking impacts your overall productivity and concentration. While trekking, you need to cross difficult terrains, take unchartered routes and be aware of your surroundings as a team at all times. This ensures that you are focused on your task. Physically, trekking makes you agile and ready. All of this put together leads to increase in productivity and overall focus.
  3. Strengthens your bones: Trekking requires stretching, climbing, jumping and moving. Additionally, trekkers also carry their own supplies such as food, water, clothing, camping equipment’s etc. with them on the trek. These activities will help to add on to the bone density, strengthen shoulders and spine and ensure the overall bone fitness.
  4. Increases your metabolism: Exercising increases your metabolism by toning your muscles, burning fat and releasing hormones that aid in enhancing the metabolic activities in the body. Trekking involves a lot of body movement and exercise, eventually leading to an increased metabolism.
  5. Heals chronic back pain: If done rightly, trekking will strengthen you spinal cord, thanks to the weight that you carry on your back and the movements during the trek. However, you need to be careful to not carry too much weight on your back and make controlled maneuvers so as to protect your spine from injuries.
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