There is more to a year-end party than just food, drinks and music. These events can go a long way in determining the health of an organization and should be an important part of office planning.
The benefits of team outings are many. A casual setting provides the best environment to make friends. Sometimes meeting room disagreements and certain work styles can create wrong assumptions and perceptions among colleagues. A nice party breaks those formal barriers as conversations steer from strategy to favourite football teams. A team outing is the best way to get everyone to mingle. Employee motivation is another box that is ticked with a well-organized team event. Office events and activities provide a stage where employees identify the leadership roles that they can fit in. These activities and events serve as confidence boosters to newer members.

Rewarding the Team

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An annual staff party is a great place to reward those who have achieved over the last year. It can be an event that celebrates the team’s many successes and warms people with the energy and optimism required to begin the next year. Collective recognition strengthens the bond between employees, as they see the direct relationship between the company’s success and their teamwork.

A Team Building Opportunity

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The year-end party can be an all-day event with lots of team building games. These activities include a diverse range, from something as simple as tug-of-war to Twister and Bull Ring. Raft building is another popular team building activity along with paintball. We don’t even need to discuss the fun quotient. Team building activities improve communication skills between the participants and also act as great icebreakers to bring the introverts into the fold. Therefore, never plan an event without a team building exercise.

A Time to Reflect

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A year is a long time in the workplace. There would have been harried days where the backlog of work inundates the entire office. There would have been worrying days as markets dip or clients leave, while at the same time there would have been major spikes in business that lead to a frenzy of work. At the end of the financial year, as your accounts are sorted and a new cycle begins, you deserve a day to unwind and look back, a day that can be used to thank everyone for the past work and inspire the team for the future. The bottom line of every year-end party should be – your team has earned it.
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Enjoy planning your next team outing – mix some innovative fun with old favourites. Watch the team get along and communicate better, important ingredients for continued success.