The famed backwaters of Kerala are in full glory at Alleppey or Alapuzzha, a destination that has enamoured visitors from across the world. This part of the sub-continent has been a global confluence of trade and cultural exchange for centuries and a trip to Allepey will immerse you in some of the most picturesque and unique coastal areas of India.

Boathouse and Rustic Scenes

An Allepey trip cannot be complete without a boathouse stay. Enjoy top-class service as you meander along on the gentle waterways that crisscross and surround the district. A boat cruise also gives you a glimpse of the calm countryside, plantations and laid back serenity that is a hallmark of Kerala’s rural life. Stop over at a village and enjoy some fresh toddy while interacting with the residents. Swaying palms and sultry breeze provide the backdrop for your adventure in the backwaters. Make sure you indulge in the cuisine of Allepey, some highlights of which include seafood preparations and chicken curries with the goodness of coconut milk and home grown spices.

Bird Watching Paradise

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit for the pristine natural beauty alone. This place is a haven for bird watchers and some of the species that inhabit this forest permanently or as a migration stop include Siberian cranes, flycatchers, brahmini kites, herons and cormorants. The Vembanad Lake and Kavanar River are the two main water bodies that have created a special but fragile eco-system. Enjoy the untouched beauty of the place, a pretty diversion from the usual tourist activities of the region.

Beaches and Lighthouse Sunsets

A 150-year-old pier is one of the highlights at Kerala’s most iconic beach, the Alapuzzha Beach. The beach is a popular retreat for locals too, and there is nothing more soothing than the calm seawaters of the Indian Ocean sweeping onto your feet. The lighthouse of the beach is an attraction that must be visited. Sunset views from the lighthouse are an eternal favourite, a beautiful scene that tugs at your heart as the water reflects the golden rays. If your Alleppey trip were a picture book, that sunset would sum it all up.

Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Treatments

Image Source: fitandrelax

Allepey is the best place to pamper you with Kerala’s favourite traditional massage and spa treatments. Harnessing the goodness of Ayurveda, these body therapies are known to rejuvenate the weariest of travellers and methods have remained unchanged for centuries. From all body treatments to couple massages, the spas and Ayurvedic centres of Allepey provide the perfect preparation for more exploration.

A trip to Kerala may not be squeezed into your busy schedule. You can choose from resorts in Kanakpura Road or head off to Nandi Hills, Bangalore for a day. If you are looking for wild escapades, then browse some Bandipur resorts or shack up in a homestay in Masinagudi. A corporate day outing to these nearby locations is also a good idea, as fun can also be had with colleagues and peers.