The state of Karnataka is a haven for those who love wildlife. This state is quite famous for the many wildlife parks and national reserves that serve as weekend retreats for tourist and the people of the city. Here are some of the most captivating national parks where you can have a rendezvous with nature’s magnificent creations. 

  • Kabini

A paradisiac experience for those who love to surround themselves with nature, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary serves as the habitat for almost two-hundred and fifty species of flora and fauna. Located near the Kabini River, this reserve is a part of the Nagarhole National Park. A safari through its vast terrains can bring you face to face with the largest herd of Asiatic elephants in the country or a group of spotted deer around the river. You can also find leopards, panthers, bison, chital and sambhar as well as a wide variety of birds. October to May is the best time to meet the alluring creatures at this sanctuary. So, look for the best resorts in Kabini and take the trip of a lifetime.  

  • Bandipur

One of the most sought-after weekend getaways for the people in and around Bangalore, the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park is considered to be one of the only places in South India where you can see the fierce tiger. The park belongs to the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is spread across a vast area eight-hundred and eighty square kilometres. Around a hundred different species of animals and almost three-hundred and fifty species of birds call this park their home. This lush green land is also brightened by a horde of fluttering butterflies that can further enhance your wildlife-spotting experience. 

  • Bannerghatta National Park

Known as one of the most visited places tourist spots in Bangalore, the Bannerghatta National Park is a wide expanse of bio-diversity that supports the conservation of wildlife and their natural habitat. The park has an in-built zoo where young children and spot lions, elephants and sloth bears. The butterfly park inside the park’s area also offers a colourful welcome that will refresh your senses and make you fall in love with nature’s splendid beauty. 

  • Dandeli Wildlife Reserve

The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned as one of the largest wildlife parks of Karnataka. The quiet expanse of this wildlife park is richly adorned with a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is one the best place to spot different species of deer, especially the barking deer, the spotted deer and the mouse deer. Other animals that you can witness roaming about the labyrinth of tall trees include bison, elephants, langurs and flying squirrels. Panthers, tigers and jackals are also a part of this rich habitat along with vibrant birds that fill the surroundings with their chirps. 

  • Dubare Elephant Camp

The Dubare Elephant Camp is the one place that offers you the opportunity to get up and close to the giant Asiatic elephant. The park, in Karnataka’s Kodagu district, works towards training these elephants and you can also pet and feed these beautiful beasts. If you are lucky, you might even get a chance to bathe these lovable animals. 

Get set with your cameras and take a trip to these amazing places to capture the raw exquisiteness of nature.