“It’s all about having fun and smiling and shaking hands.” – Tone Loc

It is natural to feel disgruntled when your team leader announces a corporate day outing for everybody over the weekend. After spending over forty hours each week with the same people in a work atmosphere, it is natural to feel the urge to walk the other way instead of spending more time with them on the outing. And it’s not just you, but your colleagues also feel the same way. However, just the opposite is recommended. A healthy co-existing team shows familiarity, trust, communication and happiness. Remote working and varying assignments make it quite difficult to bring forth these traits. This is where a team outing comes into play. Outings are the keys to building better teams. Allow Discovery village to plan that perfect day outing in Bangalore resorts. If you wish for an out of town team building outing, you can check out organized events in Bandipur resorts and resorts in Masinagudi.

All work and no play, makes anybody a dull person

Let’s be realistic: after constant work, week after week, it is natural that the constantly working brain needs a rest. With unending email streams, constant to-do lists and steady flow of work orders, employees require some good-old fashioned fun and rest. A team outing to a resort or spa shows the team that along with their work potential, their well being also matters to the company. Stepping away from computers and instead focusing on getting some good beauty sleep or enjoying some quality time with colleagues helps the brain become more productive and focused than it was before. For all you know, this team outing can be the next big break for the team, which helps spur the company’s next big break (quite literally)!

Building team cohesion

It is a different experience getting to know the rest of the team in an environment that isn’t in office. When the members of a team are able to cultivate meaningful and important bonds, connecting on a personal level with each other, it works wonders on team morale and profoundly affects the company. Interacting daily at work lets the team connect on a basic level, but outings are the catalysts for genuine team chemistry. Whether it is in the form of games, grabbing dinner or even going on a trip, team outings help the employees strengthen bonds, boosting motivation amidst them. This leaves the team feeling like a well-oiled machine, when returning back to work. The casual, fun atmosphere of a team outing lets everybody morph out of their professional skins and be truly themselves, pushing office hierarchy out the window.

Boost creative group thinking

Team outings bring in change in scenery, which leads to change in attitudes and learning. While the team unwinds from their professional exterior and become more relaxed and comfortable with each other, creative interaction begins. Learning new things about each other forges a bond along the same wavelength, and this new level of intimacy provides a happier, comforting opportunity to tackle conversations and ideas in an innovative manner. It has been found that happiness raises the levels of productivity and innovation in teams. 

Team outings are extremely beneficial because happy employees make productive employees, which in turn make a successful company. Giving the team relaxation and socialization time helps establish a healthy rhythm, which leads to less wasted motion and more accomplishment.