The time spent with family, especially the kids are always the most memorable. However, the current lifestyle of the generation does not allow for such leisure because of the rat race that everyone wants to be a part of. Sometimes, you need to take a step back from this and give your time and attention to your family. For someone living in a metro city like Bangalore, the outings can often be restricted to the various malls and restaurants but this beautiful city has so many scenic places in and around it that should be discovered.

An outing with the family should not be restricted to just within the city, but other options should be explored as well. Kids should be taken outdoors and given the chance to be closer to nature as they learn to appreciate life more. For weekend getaways there are a number of resorts around the city like Discovery Village which offers various activities for the kids and adults. Below mentioned are a few places that you must consider the next time you want to spend some quality and meaningful time with your family.

  • Hogenakkal Falls

Also known as the ‘Niagra Falls of the East’ this waterfall lies between the state of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Located just about 180 km from the city, it serves as the perfect escape from the city. The coracle rides are a perfect way to experience this bit of nature as they take you around the waterfall and let you be a part of the picturesque view. There are a lot of monkeys to give you company during your trip but be careful with your belongings as they will try to snatch it away. Get off at the other side of the Cauvery River, walk through the warm sand and go crazy with the camera.

  • Chikballapura

This popular picnic spot is surrounded by five hills and is about an hour’s drive from the city. It is primarily known for hiking, trekking, rock climbing and sightseeing. There are various temples nearby that can be visited. The silk and incense industry thrives in the area and can be taken back as a souvenir.

  • Anthargange
  • This beautiful hill range is one of the unexplored gems of the South and can be reached via car in about one and half hours from Bangalore. The unique thing of this place is the various caves that have been formed by rocks over the years. It is an ideal place for rock climbing, trekking and caving.

  • Kabini
  • This area is known for its wildlife sanctuaries which used to be the private hunting ground for the British and the Maharajas of Mysore. The Kabini Dam and the number of different resort Kabini has to offer have made this a popular place with couples and families from all over the country. Apart from visiting the wildlife sanctuaries there are options of going on safaris and boating.

  • Yelagiri Hills
    A small hill station about three hours away from the city, this place is beautiful, quiet and perfect for a relaxing weekend with the family. There are two lakes and a telescope house which the kids will really enjoy. Apart from this one can also take part in hiking and trekking.

  • Hassan
    To give an interesting lesson in history with a taste of nature to the kids, Hassan is the best place to take them. This place has various ancient structures and monuments and is rightfully called the temple-architecture capital of the state. The most famous structure there is the Shettihalli Church which is submerged in water during the monsoons and comes back up once the monsoon is over.

  • Avani
    For all the kids that love rock climbing, this is the perfect place to go to. Located around two hours away from the city, this small village is also famous for the hill temple which is a dedication to Goddess Sita. It is an ideal getaway for adventure activities and getting a lesson in history.

  • Chunchi
    At merely two and half hours away from Bangalore, this wonder of nature is a must visit. The 100 feet waterfall has multiple tiers which falls down and forms a swimming pool down below. It gives you the unique opportunity to swim among the various rock formations and feel at one with nature.
    There are no dearth of places near the city so make sure your kids do not miss out on anything.