Rappelling or abseiling is a popular adventure sport where the participant descends a height with the help of a harness. Now picture this – add an extra element of thrill by rappelling down not just a rock, but a waterfall. Hug the surface underneath a powerful current and descend the face of a waterfall to complete an exciting activity. Here are some reasons why waterfall rappelling should be added to your adventure itinerary.
Ultimate Adrenaline

Nothing can replace the adrenaline rush of an adventure sport like waterfall rappelling. Imagine staring up-close at the rocks on which the waterfall slides down, having your face pounded by the cool waters as you are descending, all this with breath-taking scenery around you.
A session of water rappelling throws you in the midst of nature. You will be one with the elements of height, hard rock formations, and water, and you get to negotiate these elements with your physicality and the safety of a harness. Waterfalls are mini eco-spaces in themselves and provide a scenic backdrop to many unique plants and amphibians. Enjoy a heart-raising and professionally supervised activity in a picture perfect and pristine setting.
Improves Physical Strength

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Rappelling is one of the best ways to build your core strength and increase your stamina. An activity that requires you to use almost all your muscles, the added factor of water creates a platform where you learn to adapt quickly and utilise a wide range of motions. It is also a fun and memorable way to burn a lot of calories. Rappelling also improves the person’s leg strength. You will also be employing a lot of concentration, and the mental victory that comes after completing the descent down a waterfall is a high in itself.
Mental Wins

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Activities like waterfall rappelling also help the release or neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, which helps in reducing stress. Waterfall rappelling is a great confidence booster as it helps people conquer fears.  A lot of time the fear of heights stops people from trying so many similar activities. Rappelling is a great activity that eases a person to overcome this challenge as it does not involve any sudden drops and the comfortable waist harness gives the individual total control over the speed of descent. Similarly, the presence of a harness helps people face the water related fears.
Add an Experience to Life

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Waterfall rappelling is a tick on the bucket list. It also entails a nice trek into beautiful natural surroundings, a bonus to signing up for such an activity. It will also lead to some amazing pictures and memories that will last a lifetime. Perform this adventurous activity with a bunch of friends so you can share and enjoy each other’s experiences. Adventure activities are also great for a corporate day outing.
With a host of professional adventure activity facilitators and state of the art safety equipment, rappelling is a safe activity. Do read up on the basic precautions and ensure that your health conditions are in line for such an activity.
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