As Maya Angelou rightly said, “Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future.”
We live in an age where we hardly have time for ourselves and spend innumerable hours sitting in our cubicles, pondering over worksheets and creating endless presentations. After all this hard work for five long days, all of us definitely deserve a relaxed and peaceful weekend in order to calm our stressed souls. Discovery Village provides a number of lucrative options for weekend getaways and is one of the best options for a family outing in Bangalore. Be it a holiday resort or a place which provides adventure sports, it is a must to go away for the weekend and spend time with your friends and family.
The way you want to spend your weekend depends on you and your friend group. Some people prefer spending a quiet weekend which is filled with good food, mellow music and a lavish place to stay. On the other hand, some people prefer having an engaging experience and love adventure sports such as trekking, zorbing etc. or other such activities that demand physical involvement.
Mental benefits
It is no secret that weekend getaways are associated with all things good and peaceful and can do wonders for your mental health. These holidays are meant to relax you mentally and bring you out of the corporate mindset which can easily sap your energy. Discovery Village provides certain resorts in Nandi Hills which is a very calm place that is free from the usual chatter and buzz of tourists. Spend your Saturdays and Sundays at these resorts and you are bound to be refreshed for the approaching busy week. A number of activities at these places such as spas, massages, mellow music, healthy food, meditation etc. contribute in setting the mood for relaxation and calming the mind and soul.
Physical benefits
Innumerable physical benefits can come out of weekend getaways, as you finally get a chance to leave your office chair and do some physical movement! Moreover, if you want to opt for adventure activities in the wild such as the Masinagudi jungle stay, you are bound to walk a lot and get exercise. Also, many holiday resorts offer services such as yoga and meditation classes, gym sessions etc. in order to ensure the best possible fitness levels for their guests.
Better bonding with friends/ colleagues
Without doubt, all the best stories are made on weekend trips! You get time to relax and unwind with your close friends and also form new bonds for life. Discovery Village provides you with the best hill resorts near Bangalore where you are guaranteed to have a good time and make memories for a lifetime.