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Dasara is one of the most popular and celebrated festivals in the country. The entire nation is decked up and ready to witness the victory of good over evil. People in different parts of India, celebrate this festival in their own way. Down South, the city of Mysuru becomes a spectacle during the time of Dasara. It attracts visitors from all over to witness the grand celebrations that last for nine days of Navaratri before culminating on the day of Vijaydashmi, or simply put, Dasara with a grand procession.
Mysuru Dasara is the state festival of Karnataka and is being celebrated since over 400 years.
Following are the 5 things you must do in Mysuru during the Dasara time:

  1. Visit the Dasara exhibition ground:

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    If you want to experience the thrill of a real Fair, then this is the place to be. Brimming with excited visitors, interesting artefacts and theme based set-ups on display and gleaming with decorated stalls selling all kinds of things, the Dasara exhibition ground is a must visit.

  2. Do a Tonga tour of Mysore –

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    What else could be a more apt way to explore this royal city than to ride a tonga? You can hire a Tonga from various spots in the city and visit some of the major attractions, including the Mysuru palace in this horse drawn cart. Once done with sightseeing, you can relax and spend a good night at resorts near Mysore.

  3. Go for Dasara bombe mane:

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    A unique display of art, the Mysuru Bombe Mane is bound to leave you speechless as you make your way through thousands of miniature dolls at display. Bombe Mane, meaning Doll’s house is built on the concept of Gombe Habba or doll’s festival which takes place every year in Mysuru during Dasara. There are more than 3,000 dolls on display, with some of them being over 150 years old, made out of different materials and curated from all over the country. This exhibition is one thing that you should not be missing.

  4. How can you miss the Food Mela?

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    If you are planning to do a day trip to Mysore before moving ahead to explore the hills of Madikeri or stay in one of the nature resorts in Kabini, you cannot miss the food mela that is held during these ten days. In this food festival, you can enjoy the tastes of India. Dishes from all around the country will surely satiate your appetite for scrumptious food. Local delicacies are a must have in this mela.

  5. A popular attraction for the locals: Wrestling Tournament:

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    When was the last time that you witnessed a bout of intense Kusti, a local form of wrestling where ‘pahalwaans’ take on each other in a clay ring, under the open skies amidst enthusiastic and cheering crowds. The Mysuru wrestling tournament is a grand event that is organized during Dasara with trained wrestlers competing to win the coveted title of the best wrestler and their supporters cheering for them with all their soul. An electrifying set-up that simply cannot be expressed in words.
    Dasara celebrations in Mysuru are like nowhere else in the country. The energy during these 10 days and the grandeur of the celebrations remain unparalleled.