Kabini is a picturesque location and is one of the major tributaries of the Kaveri river. Also known as the Kapila, it is known far and wide for its breathtaking natural beauty and the wildlife, which can be abundantly found in the backwaters of the Kabini reservoir. Easily accessible by road, as it is about 215 kilometers from the city of Bangalore, Kabini is one of the best choices for weekend trips for the family. But when there is so much to do and see, how do you ensure that you make the most of your two-day trip? Here are a few quick pointers to help you make it a great holiday:
Plan Well: The first step to a good vacation is to plan every aspect of it well. Once you have the dates of your trip chalked out, the next step has to be planning where to stay, and it is all the more important to pay attention to that especially if you are traveling with family. The Discovery Village resort in Kabini is an ideal choice, if you are traveling with family, or even with friends or colleagues. With a plethora of activities for everyone including a pool for the toddlers to adventure activities for teenagers and adults, it is equipped with all the modern necessities essential for a comfortable stay. The resort is located in close proximity to the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, so you would be staying on the fringes of the forest, and would have the unique experience of waking up at dawn to the amazing sounds of the entire jungle rising from its slumber, and experiencing the call of the wild. Depending on the number of days you would like to stay, and the kind of activities you would want to do, you can easily customize and book your stays online, since this location is easily accessible and is the perfect weekend getaway.
What To Do?: Once you have chosen your place to stay, the next step would be to plan what to do once you arrive at Kabini. Being so close to the wildlife sanctuary, you can opt for a wildlife safari. Going on a wildlife safari with your family, exploring through the wilderness, driving through the jungle, experiencing the rich flora and fauna and being a part of the natural beauty for a while can be an invigorating and memorable experience. You would be taken deep into the wildlife sanctuary, where you can spot herds of sambar and spotted deer, sloths, elephants, and wild boars; you could even be lucky enough to spot a panther or even a tiger. You can also take a boat ride down the Kabini River, where you can get a sight of crocodiles basking in the sun, and flocks of birds. If you are traveling with small kids and elderly family members, you can opt for riding in the safety net of motorboats while going down the river; or you could also indulge in nature walks and bird watching. If you seek thrills through adrenaline pumping adventures, you can participate in kayaking, raft building and canoeing; which are managed by expert staff and closely monitored by trained personnel at the Discovery Village resort.
Do Your Research Well: There is an endless list of places to visit in Kabini. So to avoid missing out on some great sights, it is essential for you to do your research well. Apart from the Nagarhole Wildlife sanctuary, you also have the Kabini Dam, the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, the Banasura Sagar Dam, the Rameshwara Temple, the Kutta Village, and the Brahmagiri mountains. So when you begin planning your trip, start looking into the must-visit places and figure out which would be the sites you would like to explore with your family. You could include the entire family in this aspect of planning the holiday, as it would increase the excitement and anticipation for the trip.
After all the research, planning and booking your stay, the final step is to go and enjoy your relaxing holiday! We hope these tips would be helpful in making your getaway an extremely memorable one.

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