Dedicating our lives to wanderlust is something a lot of us think about but it usually remains in the realm of wishful thinking. But over the last few years, several Indian women travellers have received the spotlight because of their dedication to this most enriching of human experiences. Meet some of the women who have done what the rest of us can only dream of and let us get inspired by their stories.

Shivya Nath

Photo Credits: The Shooting Star
Shivya Nath is a modern-day explorer, a solo female traveller whose adventures have been charted across the globe, from the snows of Switzerland to the tropical forests of Sri Lanka. Shivya’s story is one of daring sacrifices, as she decided that the cubicle will no longer be her prisoner. She sold most of her possessions and became a nomad, driven by the yearning to experience more of the wonderful world we live in. The story started in 2011 when she was just 23 years old. At an age associated with updating resumes and impressing the boardroom biggies, Shivya was on the road mapping her own destiny and living the thrill and all the uncertainties that come along with it. Young Shivya is not just a globetrotter but also a writer who is creating her own niche in new media. Her travails have been recorded on popular websites like Lonely Planet, BBC Travel, Nat GEO and The Huffington Post. She can be found on her blog – The Shooting Star, a benchmark of travel writing and blogging that is sure to fill the reader with an urge to just pack up and set out.

Mridula Dwiwedi

Photo Credit: Travel Tales from India
A nomad with a PhD – that is Mridula Dwiwedi for you. She is one of the pioneers of travel blogging in the country and her work has been mentioned in websites like BBC and The Guardian. Some of her famous adventures include a trek to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal and negotiating the wild currents in Northern India’s river rafting hubs. Mridula is an accomplished solo traveller and has been featured in many large travel projects. Working with the biggest brands in the country and showcasing the most pristine corners and exotic locales of the world, Mridula serves as a benchmark for aspiring women travellers. You can read more about her story at her blog – Travel Tales from India and Abroad.

Mariellen Ward

Photo Credit: Breathe Dream Go
Canadian writer and traveller Mariellen Ward has travelled the length and breadth of India along with many other parts of the world. Her blog Breathedreamgo is one of the most followed and apart from travel stories, themes highlighted include responsible travel, exclusive tips and guides and resources for those who want to accomplish solo trips themselves. Her book, the River is a story of her journeys in India and how it helped her deal with a great personal tragedy. Mariellen has been awarded the Traveller of the Year Award by Outlook magazine and her focus is on encouraging solo female travellers. Not many women travelled alone in India, in fact, solo travel itself was a nascent concept, at a time when torchbearers like Mridula and Mariellen started exploring territories away from the tourist trails.
If you want to step out and experience solo travel as a woman in India you can find more information on dedicated forums and women solo travel groups in India. Your dream can begin with just a click of a mouse or a single conversation. Tread the waters with some short trips. A weekend stay at Nandi Hills with some bird watching and wine tasting is a pleasant experience, or you can cosy up in one of the many jungle resorts in Kabini, a hotspot for wildlife photography. There are also many Masinagudi resorts ideal for wildlife-themed solo trips.