Team building activities are an important part of any corporate organisation. Such events create enthusiasm amongst the employees and promote the feeling of unity and collaboration within the team members. Collaboration activities need immaculate planning so that they are entertaining and at the same time serve their intended purpose of establishing strong connections between the participants and promote teamwork. Most organisations have dedicated teams to plan out such events and make them a success. Creative, out of the box thinking is required on the part of the planners to plan an exciting and meaningful team building session.
Following are some of the key factors to be kept in mind while planning collaboration activities for team building:

  1. Get out of the office: The first rule of planning a team building activity is to step out of the office environment and let loose. There are many resorts in Bangalore where you can have a corporate team. An offsite will let the employees to leave their office worries behind, and this will help to bond better.
  2. Select an off-beat location for the offsite: Logistics permitting, there is no better way to celebrate your hard work than going to an off-beat location away from the city. Pick up a theme for your offsite and finalize the location basis that. There are some fantastic resorts in Kabini that offer a great atmosphere for a corporate outing and team building activities. The calm and cool environment in the forest is sure to soothe the nerves and promote the feeling of collaboration.
  3. Plan adventurous team building activities: Clichéd table games played in closed doors are a thing of past. The whole purpose of getting out of the office is to enjoy an open environment. Adding a flavour of adventure to the team building activities will certainly serve as a good platform to build collaboration. Adventurous activities like trekking, zorbing, hill climbing, paintball are some of the fun-filled events that can be organised with the entire team participating in them. Discovery Village, a resort near Bangalore also offers some creative, unique and fun-filled team building activities that are aimed at promoting collaboration and team spirit amongst the individuals.It’s not always about winning: The idea is to build collaboration and not to compete. In addition to the games and adventure activities, also plan events such as group yoga, jamming sessions, team dinner, motivation sessions and such activities where the entire team can participate as one. This will surely help the individuals to bond better. Every organization should plan and have team building activities and collaboration sessions at frequent intervals. Firstly, it gives a break to the employees from the mundane activities of the office, rejuvenates and motivates them and most importantly, allows them to get to know each other at a personal level. such activities aid in building trust amongst each other, the benefits of which will reflect in their daily work with an increase in productivity and collaboration.