Most employees consider corporate team outings as a boring affair and prefer to skip than attend it. If your employees also feel the same then it is time for you to consider new ideas. That will go a long way in nurturing the heart of the company i.e the employees and also make the tiresome affair a more engaging and fun event.

What is the Goal of the Outing?
Define the purpose of the outing by determining if the event is to build team spirit, improve collaboration or is it for leisure. After knowing the purpose you can plan activities accordingly and allocate budget. Based on the amount of money allocated, the event management team can then look for corporate resorts in Bangalore. Note that you should not commit to spending money or even time if you do not have a clear objective for the off-site.

Ideas for Off-Site Activities
Irrespective of the purpose of the corporate outing, it is always essential to include activities that have some fun involved. That will not only help meet the objective of the outing but also help the employees leave the offsite as a collaborative team and they will end the event with some memorable moments.

Split time amidst work for some fun: Include activities that can be enjoyed by the youngest to the oldest in the group. There should be a balance between work and pleasure that will ensure that there will be some light moments even when the team is working towards achieving the goals of the offsite. There are many corporate outing resorts that will help in achieving fun as well as productivity.

Include a small conference: Most of the companies make the mistake of only including fun activities or work stuff when they are planning corporate events. Look for activities that are beyond fun and include some fun learning too which is invigorating for most of the employees. Invite some of your industry-specific experts as speakers making it a mini-conference. Look for a place which has a conference hall or some meeting place where you can gather your employees to hear the speakers. Those participating in the offsite will have fun as well as learning something new.

Go farming: One of the fun activities to include in any corporate event list is to take the participants on a farm outing. That helps them to get out of the work mode and allows them to be with nature which is healing and nurturing. A picnic can also be arranged along with playing some fun games in the farmyard which improves bonding among teammates. Discovery Village is one such resort which not only organizes fun games but also helps with tours and picnics so that you get in touch with nature.

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