Have you just made plans to head out during a nearby place like Nandi Hills or Kanakapura with friends and colleagues this weekend? Here are some great tips for packing on a short notice
City dwellers yearn for the weekends as they give them the chance to break the routines and make memories. Residents of Bangalore are lucky because there are several one-day travel destinations close to Bangalore. Be it a corporate outing or a trip with friends, you could choose a day outing resort in Bangalore, or several other nature and adventure resorts near Bangalore. Other popular weekend group tours from Bangalore are to Kabini, Masinagudi and other places. Have you tried the jungle stay in Masinagudi? It is one of the best adventure trips to plan for the weekend!
When planning a trip, the one thing that most people dread is packing. And if it is an unplanned trip, packing on a short notice is nothing short of a nightmare. If you are wonderinghow to pack quickly, here are a few tips and trick to get you started.

Best tips for packing on short notice:

  1. Make a list:

Make an organised list of the essentials to pack and the things to do before you leave, can give a wonderful start to your trip. This also avoids last minute confusions

  1. Carry a backpack:

For the travel enthusiasts, a durable and spacious backpack is an essential investment. A backpack allows you to carry all you want while also ensuring that your hands are free.Backpacks are definitely more convenient to carry for longer durations. If you plan to carry a bulky DSLR camera, pick a backpack that can securely contain that as well

  1. Take out batteries:

Remember to carry batteries for your camera.Charge the rechargeable batteries and have some non-rechargeable spares handy. Load them into your camera or securely stash them in an easy-to grab pocket.

  1. Plastic bags:

Even on the warmest day with no probability of rain a plastic bag goes a long way as it could be used in multiple ways. They can protect your smartphones and valuables from water spills and dust and also help you keep the odds and ends organised

  1. Packing shoes:


If you have special hiking shoes for your trip you could pack them neatly as they might not always be comfortable to wear all along the trip. Even otherwise packing a set of spare shoes might help at some point.

  1. Backup your confidential information:

This way, if you accidentally lose your smartphone, tablet etc., you would still have a backup at hand.

  1. Splitting up valuables:

It is always a good idea to keep your valuables in different locations. For example, besides the cash in your wallet, you could carry some in your backpack and some in your pockets as well. This way, when you lose your wallet or your bag, you always have a backup.

  1. Minimalising:

Finally, aim at reducing the number of things you carry. Choose simple luggage, minimalising the load would make the journey more pleasant and enjoyable. The lesser the number of things you carry the lesser the tension and the lighter the load on your shoulders.
So, those were the tips to be ready for short notice travel. You do not have to hesitate to say yes to your friends next time for an unplanned trip simply because you are scared about the packing to do.