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Birds are an integral part of our ecosystem and are critical for maintaining the balance of our food chain cycle. Rampant air and water pollution, diminishing forest lands, unplanned urbanization, and an increased usage of pesticides have severely affected the population of many birds, so much so that birds like sparrows and vultures are almost on the verge of extinction.
Having a National birding day increases awareness about the situation and motivates us to celebrate our love for these beautiful creatures. National Go birding Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April, every year and this year, it is to be celebrated on April 28th.

Why is Go Birding Day celebrated?

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Bird watching is a hobby for many people. Chasing the feathery wonders from tree to tree and watching them perform their daily activities has its own appeal. Taking time out of our busy daily schedule to go Bird watching however becomes a challenge. A dedicated Bird watching day will not only encourage us to go out Bird watching, but it is also a great opportunity to connect with other bird lovers and share your love and enthusiasm for birds with each other.

How can this day be celebrated?

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Bird watching is a skill as spotting rare and unique birds requires a lot of patience. To start with, you can select any of the popular Bird watching places nearby you. If you want to spot a particular category of birds, then you will need to search the places where those birds are usually found.
A good way of spending this day productively is by becoming a part of a bird watchers community and go for a nature walk to spot birds. This will help you to socialize and gain better knowledge and insights about the birds that are spotted.
You need not travel to faraway places for this activity. The nearest park, your own terrace or even a national park nearby will provide ample opportunities to watch the marvelous birds. You could even mark the day by picking one-day resorts near Bangalore which are near national parks like Masinagudi, Bandipur or Bannerghatta.
The best way to celebrate this day is by doing your bit to create a conducive environment for the birds. You can do so by hanging up bird feeders and feeding them regularly, putting earthen pots containing water especially during the summer time and by keeping your surroundings clean and green so that the bird population can thrive.

Best places to go bird watching in India:

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India is a country with rich fauna diversity. There is no dearth of wetlands, forests, and grasslands where you can spot the most exotic and rare species of birds as well. For all the ardent twitchers out there, some of the best locations in India to watch birds include Jim Corbett National park, Bharatpur bird sanctuary, Chilka lake bird sanctuary, Thattekad bird sanctuary and Kabini National park. Some resorts like Discovery Village Kabini offer best bird spotting opportunities to the enthusiasts. Kabini River resorts are well-appointed and offer proximity to nature with the comfort of modern amenities.
Celebrate this Go Birding Day by doing your bit to help make the world a better place for our aerial friends and create a friendly environment for them to thrive.