There are certain hidden gems in India that not everyone knows about or gets to visit. One such hidden gem is the Nandi Hills Bangalore, which is situated at a distance of about sixty kilometres from the city of Bangalore and makes for an ideal getaway whether it is for one day or for the weekend. There are a ton of things that one can do at Nandi Hills ranging from adventure activities, to camping, to just relaxing and witnessing the most beautiful sunrise or sunset. There are also quite a few places to visit near Nandi Hills in case you feel like wandering off a little but there is so much to do here in itself that you will not have the time to go anywhere else!

The next time you are planning to visit the Nandi Hills, let this be the only detailed guide you will ever need for all your Nandi Hills travel requirements!

  • Get a Bird Eye View of the area – while it is very common for anyone and everyone to visit the top of the cliff to get a view of the entire region, take a step forward (not literally) and go paragliding instead. It is one of the very few places in the whole of Karnataka that offers this experience and one should make the most of it while you are in the area. Paraglide amongst the serene valleys and lush green hills and take in all the picturesque beauty the area has to offer because it truly makes you feel like you are on top of the world!
  • Experience the magic of the moonlight on the Amrita Sarovar – the Amrita Sarovar, which is also known as the Lake of Nectar is the major and largest source of water supply in the entire region which has been formed due to a number of different perennial springs joining together to form this stunning spectacle. A little tip not everyone knows is to avoid the crowds during the day and instead go during late evening instead. This is because what a lot of people do not know again is that the water of this lake tends to shimmer in the moonlight which makes for an extremely stunning spectacle that should not be missed at all if you are in the area. Also, if you are one of the lucky ones, the blanket of stars will add a touch of mystique and charm to the entire experience. If you are staying at one of the resorts at Nandi Hills like the Discovery Village, then you must ask the staff to pack your dinner. Nothing spells happiness than a picnic under the stars. Or you can also just stay back at the resort and enjoy some bonfire and barbeque instead!
  • Experience some history along with the views – known as the place that was once used to push off prisoners during the time of Tipu Sultan, has now turned into a spot that offers some of the best views of the entire place. It is located on a hilltop on a cliff which is about 600m above the elevated ground. It offers unparalleled views of the entire place and offers peace and respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Exercise your glutes and save up on some fuel as well – one of the most fun and enjoyable things to do in the area is to cycle around and experience every nook and corner of this beautiful place. Stop at the cafes, experience the sunset or talk to the locals who are the sweetest people around! It is an experience in itself to cycle down the stunning roads with the wind blowing in your face. It makes for some good exercise also while you are at it!
  • Thank the Lord – while a lot of people tend to visit the temple which is situated at the top of the hill, a lot give the famous Nandi Temple that is located at the foot of the hills a sad miss. This stunning temple with its intricate metal work and beautifully adorned pillars is dedicated to Bhoganandishwara and Yoga Nandeeshwara. You can also spot a statue of Nandi here which is famous all over India and especially in South India.

Once you are done with all of this then you can put your feet up and get a good night’s sleep at Discovery Village which is one of the top resorts near Bangalore and is located at Nandi Hills. It has top class facilities which is all you will ever need for the perfect holiday and some activities also like cycling, trekking, camping, bonfire, barbeque and karaoke nights which you must enjoy with friends and family. Or just by yourself in case sole travelling!