“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others.” – Norman Shidle
Celebrating the success of fellow employees, recognizing the efforts put in by them in achieving a specific task/goal and lauding them for their efforts are some of the ways which can help motivate them to do well going forward and gives them the satisfaction that their work efforts are being noticed and appreciated. Not only does it increase their confidence, but is also sure to help them move up on the career ladder and earn promotions, by inspiring them to perform better. It is also important for a company or an organisation to share its success with its employees. Winning an award or celebrating an anniversary are some of the events that call for a get-together. Discovery Village helps in organizing such events along with outdoor activities at some of the best place for team outing in Bangalore.
Besides celebrations, bonding is also an essential activity for a team. An organisation often consists of different teams, each of which is assigned to take care of specific functions. In such a scenario, it is necessary for the individuals of the team to know about the other members of the team. This enables better communication between them and also helps builda strong rapport. An ideal way of breaking down barriers in a team is to have a corporate day outing. A report from MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory’s study suggests that the success of a team can be predicted on how the team communicates and interacts during informal meet-ups outside of work. Discovery Village resorts are located in unspoilt locations such asNandi hills Bangaloreand are designed to meet the requirements for corporate outings, which team building activities and games which promote fun and camaraderie. Discovery village is among the most popularresorts in Bangalore for one day team outing owing primarily to the cast range of activities available to guests.
RedBalloon/AltusQ have published a report which observed that organisations were more likely to see a 10 times increase in terms of sales and profit when the level of employee engagement was high, as compared to organisations with lower employee engagement levels. Based on the outcome of these studies and reports, it is very clear that engaging employees through team outing sessions and outbound activities not only helps them to integrate well within the team but also establishes a good rapport between fellow workers,which has a positive influence on the output.
It is very important to appreciate the dedication and efforts that employees put in to get a task done. Monetary motivation aside, appreciation and celebrating successes as a team provide a morale–boost to individuals and motivates them mentally as well. Team outings are an innovative and fun wayto reward teams for their efforts. Sharing the success of a company with the employees also helps by making them feel like an integral part of the company. Doing so, provided individuals the motivation to work hardand this translates into a profitable output for the organisation.Plan a memorable outing for your team at discovery village and learn communication skills which are sure to enhance your employees’ performance at the workplace.