South India is a land of abundance. Blessed with nature’s bounty in the form of beautiful landscapes, lush green forests, fresh air and crystal clear water bodies, it is a place that attracts tourists from all over.
Taking a road trip across the southern states is one of the best ways to explore and experience its unique culture and soak in the beauty and freshness it has to offer.
While long drives and bike rides are the most preferred modes of going on a road trip, cycling to your destination is sure to create some wonderful memories, especially when the trip is in the company of your near and dear ones.
Here is a list of the best cycling routes in south India that every cycling enthusiast must plan to travel on.

  1. Bangalore to Nandi Hills: If you are looking for an adventure cycling trip, then cycling from Bangalore to Nandi hills should be on your list. The distance between the two is 60 KM’s where the landscape quickly changes from a busy urban conglomerate to peaceful countryside. Cycling from the base to the top of the hill is sure to make you break a sweat, but the cool breeze and the views from the top make the journey worth it. You can also plan an overnight stay in one of the resorts in Nandi hills.

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  2. Bangalore to Kannur: Bangalore is a gateway to the south and a perfect place to begin your cycling trip to Kannur, a town nestled in between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The distance between the two is about 320 KM’s, and the route is covered with mesmerising views of hills and forests. Mysuru is a major town that lies in between where you can relax and get your cycle serviced before re-commencing the journey.

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  3. Munnar to Annamalai: A distance of 200 KM’s that should take 4-5 days to cover, this cycling trail showcases the best of two south Indian states, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In addition to the lush green forests, the route is dotted with beautiful tea estates, sandalwood forests, small villages and iconic temples.

    image source: Wikimedia

  4. Bangalore to Goa: When in South, you just can’t stay away from Bangalore. For those who do not live in this city, spending a night in one of the fine resorts in Bangalore before kick-starting a fun-filled cycle ride to Goa is a good way to get your spirits high early on. The distance between the two places is about 600 KM’s, and cyclers should take the coastal route, travelling from Bangalore to Gokarna and then up towards Goa. With the Western Ghats on one side and the sparkling Arabian Sea on the other, riders are sure to have some heavenly company all the way.

    image source: Wikimedia

  5. Chennai to Pondicherry: Another coastal route, from the megacity Chennai to the erstwhile French colony Pondicherry. 155 KM’s in total, the route offers scenic views of the Bay of Bengal. Riders can make a pit stop at the historical, temple town of Mahabalipuram and Mandavai before reaching Pondicherry.

    image source: Wikimedia

    It is the journey that matters and not the destination, goes the popular saying. A cycling road trip down south will leave you refreshed, energized, rejuvenated and craving for more.