Blessed with over 7500 km, much of the Indian coastline is waiting to be explored. Far from the typical holidaying crowds, there is many a pristine beach where you can head for some tranquillity and solitude. Long strolls with the soothing sands under your feet, unending dips, an array of local fare to dig into and, at times miles between you and your nearest neighbour- we bring to you a few beaches which promise to be more than a just another tourist destination.
Gokarna beach

Unique rock formations and hills are distinctive of the peaceful Gokarna beach. The town of Gokarna is a set of 5 main beaches including Gokarna beach, Kudle beach and the Om beach – each one unique in its own way. Short treks, refreshing boat rides, ancient temples, yearly festivals and the serene beaches themselves – there is a lot that is packed into this place.  The resorts or hotels here provide the perfect base to explore the place. While in town, do visit the Prema, the Namaste Cafe and the Shree Shakti for a range of tasty delights.
Malpe beach

With clear beaches and clean waters, the Malpe beach is breathtakingly beautiful. Being close to the temple town of Udupi, it is relatively crowded during the weekends. However, its long stretches allow for solitude at all times. Visitors can explore the backwaters, take part in adventure sports or take a short ferry ride to the nearby cluster of St. Mary’s Islands, a geological masterpiece in itself. There are also temples and museums to explore in the town of Malpe. The coffee at the Oh! Cafe and food at the Malpe Hotel here should go into your must try list.
Dhanushkodi beach

The existing Dhanushkodi town is a silent reminder of the 1964 cyclone. The now sparsely populated island and erstwhile port is a meeting point for the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The beach is a must visit owing to its serenity as well as the rich association with history and epics alike. Despite being regarded as a ‘Ghost Town’, the spectacular views of the sea, the ‘Rama Sethu’ connecting India to Sri Lanka, ruins of churches, railway stations that are reminiscent of a lively town before the tragedy. All these and more make the bumpy ride from Rameshwaram to the beach worth it. Barring a few makeshift eateries that sell snacks made of fish, raw banana, and lime juice stalls, there are no places to stay or eat in this place. Restaurants like the Hotel Ishwarya Veg, Nattukottai and the Ahaan in nearby Rameshwaram serve as good options.
Muzhappilangad beach

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Situated in Kerala, firm sand and shallow waters are distinctive of this beach, and the beautiful rock formations protect much of the shore from rough currents. This is the only beach in Kerala, and one of the very few in the country, to legally allow car and motorbike drive-ins along its stretch.  While it is a must visit for this one-of-a-kind experience, you can also participate in organised water and adventure sports activities here. The Dharmadam island walk and yearly Koormba festival held here are splendid attractions too. Must-visits like the Malabar Bay, the Sahib’s Grill Kitchen and Iceberg in nearby Kannur makes up for the lack of well-known restaurants in this beach town.
Marari Beach

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With nothing but the waves and nature for company, the Marari beach is an idyllic spot for indulgence in me-time or we-time, as the case may be. Explore pilgrim centres, experience ayurvedic retreats, visit temples, witness snake boat races at specific times in the year or simply soak in the natural beauty of the backwaters, Mararikulam beach comes with a host of options to please just about everybody. The Flamingo Marari, Palm Heaven Marari Homely Food are some of the must-try eat outs. Carol Days located on the beach itself provides the perfect backdrop to dig into flavourful delicacies.
A good network of road, rail and air transport allows you to travel to each of these places from anywhere in India. What’s more? Far away from cityscapes like the IT hub of Bangalore, these provide a wonderful alternative to day outing in Bangalore resorts or typical getaways to places like Nandi hills, Bangalore. You can explore any of these domestic beach destinations with a reasonable budget too. These places provide the perfect backdrop to recharge your batteries and get a dose of the ‘fresh’-waters, air, experiences et al.