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The South Indian State of Karnataka is a haven for all the wildlife lovers because of the large number of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries that the state is dotted with. These places are great for vacations with friends or family as they offer the perfect break from the city life along with a chance to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. One of the most favourite places is the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary which is great for people who love the wildlife and want to go to a place that is beautiful, serene and easily accessible. The best part about visiting a place like this is the number of resorts in Kabini that one can choose from. One of the best ones to stay is the Discovery Village Resorts which offer the perfect blend of comfort and luxury along with some exciting facilities that all the guests can indulge in and make memories for a lifetime. However, like every other wildlife sanctuary there are certain dos and donts that one must follow while visiting such sensitive areas.

What we need to understand is that planning a holiday to a wildlife sanctuary is not just about spotting lions, panthers and tigers but it is also about how you need to conduct yourself in an area which has possibility of high danger. Keeping this in mind, below mentioned are a few of the do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind the next time you visit a wildlife sanctuary for the first time with your friends or family.

A list of things one must DO while visiting a Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time:

  • The first thing to do when you get there is to make yourself familiar with all the rules of the wildlife sanctuary. There are certain designated areas where the vehicles can stop and you can get off and certain areas that are prone to danger, also do not force your driver to stop wherever and whenever you want. A lot of parks also ban and have restrictions on smoking and littering so make sure that you abide by these rules at all times.
  • It is better to be safe than sorry and by this we mean that always stay in groups and do not even consider wandering off alone. Even if your group has been at a particular place for a sometime and you get the urge to roam around a little and explore, do not do it as it is best to keep patient and stay put there instead of putting your life at risk. An individual makes for an easy target for animals but they usually stay away when they see groups of people because then they tend to get afraid.
  • Make sure to always carry your binoculars and cameras with you as it is not only about spotting and taking pictures of the bigger animals like lions, cheetahs and tiger. There are many interesting species of birds, insects and animals living within the forest which you must also look out for.
  • Pack in such a way that you carry dark colored clothes like khaki, green, and brown with you so that you can easily blend with the surroundings of the sanctuary. Bright colors will attract the animals and they will get cautious and wander away.

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