A school trip is perfectly enjoyable and educative time for the children. Apart from building up memories for years to come, the trips also help the children learned a lot about their surroundings. It is an important part of outdoor schooling. And the responsibility rests with the school management to design a comfortable yet adventurous excursion that brings inspiration to the students.

When it comes to executing the school outdoor trips, one needs to plan the right things for the right place and the right time. Here is all you need to know about organizing school outbound trips well!

Choose good resorts for excursions

The resorts for the school excursion should be a smart mix of adventure and comfort. It should be a safe, exciting and wholesome experience for the kids. Choose a luxury resort with adventure activities, luxury stay and close to nature experiences. Discovery Village resort in Kabini is one such luxurious and adventure resorts for school outing that entails an itinerary of nature-bound experiences, adventure sporting, wildlife tours and more. With comfortable stay for the kids, the resort highlights pleasant experiences, a fun time and learning arenas that can translate an excursion with innumerable learning paradigms.

Itinerary should be a learning experience
A school excursion is planned as an outdoor activity for the kids and bring them closer to real-life experiences. It is a classroom away from the classroom. And therefore when it comes to planning the itinerary the idea is about inculcating as many teachings as possible without making it boring. Right from the travel modes, resort stays, activities to games played – the itinerary inculcates fun with experiences. The children should learn the finer things in life, come close to the world and also create a bond amidst themselves. Design the two-day or weekend excursions keeping in mind the necessity to educate while including fun activities.

Food and transport should be on point
With school children traveling under the guidance of school management, one of the biggest concerns is the safety of travel and food. Convenience is given utmost importance here. The school management can ply the school bus for short-distance excursions or tie-ups with private vendors for a hassle-free travel experience for the kids. When it comes to food, utmost care should be given to the quality, quantity, and preferences of the kids. Stock up on quality food for the roads and list down the right local restaurants or schooling resorts for the destination.

Supervisors and volunteers for safety
Managing several students on an excursion is a task of utter responsibility. And it cannot be done without some volunteers looking after the kids all the time. Choose volunteers and supervisors amongst the kids to form discipline and aid supervision in the kids. Together with the staff, teachers, management, and supervisors the trip becomes a more planned and responsible getaway.

School T-shirts as the uniform
School T-shirts are specially designed vests for the children to identify each other during the trip. With everyone wearing the same color and school logo T-shirt, the students are aware of their fellow travelers and the outside travelers too take responsibility for acknowledging the school trips and allow them space and comfort they need. School T-shirts become the code for sound travel planning.

Entertainment goes a long way!
Traveling to the destination or exploring a new place isn’t always entertaining for the kids unless it’s made one. The management should look for guides, entertaining games and intriguing stories to keep the students entertained and engaged. Instead of making it a slow and silent trip to a monumental place, add stories, games, guidance, and informative guidance on the visit to make it a wholesome experience.

Medical and other assistance
Situations of emergency assistance can arise at any moment, especially with a bunch of kids around. School management should keep contingent services like medical assistance, doctors on call, safety aid, etc to manage the situation at the best. With the right medical, safety and doctor assistance at hand, it becomes easy for the management to protect, care and extend love to the kids.

Closure activities are valuable
After the trip has ended and all the kids have safely returned home, the next school day is devoted to the closure activities. Here the students are questioned about their experiences, learnings, etc and made to prepare gratitude notes for the drivers, teachers, parents, volunteers, etc for their guidance and support. The closure activities help students analyze their experiences well.

Making travel a promising advent for the kids, the school trips become a learning experience not just for the students but the management as well. Planning is the key to making this adventurous trip a worthy one!

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