The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is popular for its impeccable beauty and cultural dimensions. Apart from the mesmerising nightlife and overwhelming shopping experience, the city is also blessed with amicable climate conditions and topography. With the dense jungles, imposing waterfalls and gigantic hills present, the city offers great potential and scope for all kinds of adventure activities

Nothing is more fun than a day out with friends for adventure sports. Bangalore offers exactly the same through the following activities spread

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Get air bourne in a hot air balloon to enjoy the scenic views of Bangalore from the sky. The sheer thrill of being hundreds of feet above the ground and tranquillity in the high sky presents an unmatching exposure to your experiences.

Equipped with all safety standards, these balloon rides start from the Jakkur Airfield near Yelahanka Post.  This adventure ride is made available to you on every Saturday for around Rs. 2000 per person. Since there are no stressful activities involved, even kids and elders can enjoy this activity.

2. Parasailing

Get swept off your feet upto a height of about 300 feet above the ground. Parasailing available in the Jakkur Airfield near Yelahanka Post offers a thrilling experience of flying like a kite along with the breath-taking views of Bangalore city. 

In this aero adventure, you will be fastened to a parasail which will be tethered to a jeep. Once the safety standards are met and secure, the jeep starts moving forward, and you will slowly be lifted upwards. This airy adventure costs around ₹550-700. You can fly solo or ask for an instructor to accompany you.

3. Savandurga Trek

Considered to be the paradise of every adventure buff in Bangalore, Savandurga trek trail is located 60 km west of the Bangalore city. The trail is situated along the biggest monolith hills of Asia, Savanadurga Hills. Composed of hard-core trekking coupled with sports, trekking uphill takes you to a fortress. This fortress was built by Kempe Gowda II. The trek is 2 km long one-way and can be completed within a day. 

Even though the adventure is challenging, the hill has gentle slopes that enable novices as well to trek. You can also indulge in cave exploration and rock climbing in the Savandurga hills.

4. Trek Rock climbing at Devarayandurga

Opt for rock climbing and experience an adrenaline rush surrounded by the surreal views of lush green forests. Devarayandurga hills are a naturally formed haven for adventure junkies. This perfect setting for rock climbing is made available for you throughout the year. 

The rock climbing offered at Devarayandurga comes with world-class trainers and most modern pieces of equipment. It also gives you a calm and serene ambience away from the city noise.

5.River Rafting at Kabini

River rafting is a high-adrenaline sport of navigating through a river in an inflatable raft. You can go and enjoy this exhilarating experience with friends at Kabini near Bangalore. With a thrilling course and stunning views, Kabini is the ideal place for river rafting. For those adventure enthusiasts, river rafting is even more challenging in the monsoon season. 

A 4-hour journey from Bangalore city will take you to Kabini. You can safely complete the raft by following the instructions and adhering to the safety guidelines.

6. Caving in Anthargange

Anthargange, which means “The Inner Ganges”, is a popular hillock situated 80 km from the Bangalore city. You can go and explore the intricate natural caves in Anthargange all year around. Through the paths formed by volcanic rock formations, you can also witness the beauty of natural springs trickling down the hill.

With scenic beauty and adventure in every corner, Anthargange is a paradise for trekkers and explorers alike.

7. Cross-Country Cycling

Fitness buffs in the Bangalore city can transform their love for cycling into a cross-country adventure. Along with wandering through the city, cycling also provides great benefits to your health. Beginning from the city’s hub, you can peddle your way through the lanes and bylanes of neighbouring districts and ride all the way back. However, this invigorating cycling regime is mostly conducted towards serene destinations such as Thattekere lake in Kanakapura.

7. Zorbing at Discovery Village

Zorbing is a fun and adventurous experience of rolling down the slopes in a transparent plastic ball. This is a relatively new venture available at sports resorts in Bangalore. With no much skills or experience required, the sport is widely being participated in.

One of the best zorbing experiences near Bangalore is offered at Discovery Village near Nandi Hills. The adventure sports offered by the resort is not limited to zorbing only. It also provides activities such as cave exploration, rappelling, survival camping and many more activities.

9. Paintball Game

Enjoy the real-life experience of the battleground with your friends in the paintball arena. Various resorts including Discovery Village near Nandi Hills are providing this sport in their vicinity.  Paintball is a team sport where players disqualify opponents by shooting paintballs on them.

With obstacles and safety gears, the paintball game offers a thrilling experience with safety. The prices for Paintball begin at ₹350 per head.

10. Quad Biking

For motorheads in the city, the newest addition to adventure sports, quad biking is now available to be tried out. Various racing events are conducted with all the safety measures in place across many locations in Bangalore city. Generally, you can choose from different modern dirt bikes, starting from 200cc to 700cc powerful ones.

If you are up for more challenging rides, you can choose the nature trail ride. The cost for these rides starts at ₹1200 per individual.

There are many more locations where you can spend the day out for adventure in Bangalore. A visit to these destinations helps you relieve the stresses of the busy city life. The adventures in Bangalore are indeed endless. Every now and then, take a break from the hectic work schedule and spend some time with your friends to make memories that last.