Travelling with a sibling has a special joy altogether. It is also a great advantage to be on the road with someone who you know your little nuances inside-out and vice versa. Here are the top reasons why you should take a trip with your sibling.
You Know Each Other Closely

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Your sibling will probably not feed you something you are allergic to by mistake. This is just one specific scenario of many which are rooted in the fact that you know each other so well. Also despite all the sibling rivalry, there is always a huge sense of responsibility, especially for the older one towards younger siblings. No one backs each other up like siblings.
There will be no miscommunication regarding the activities you want to indulge in and if you need your space, siblings immediately know it. There is no awkward explanation regarding your choices.
You Don’t Need to Sugar Coat Anything

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A regular sibling relationship would have seen its fair share of fights and disagreements over the years. By now, you don’t need to be formal with each other. Travelling as adults, you can give transparent feedback to each other without worrying about the long term reaction.
Logistics are much easier, as you are family

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It is easier to deal with money when you are travelling with a sibling. Keeping track of spending and loans is more convenient as you already have an inherent understanding of each other. Shared accommodations are easier with a sibling, and there are times when you might have to make some compromises in travel, especially while backpacking. Siblings would be more comfortable sharing space.
Fixing those tickets and hotel rooms are easier as there is more understanding of each other’s budgets and related scenarios. Parents too would more likely encourage their children to travel together rather than with a bunch of people they are not familiar with.
Fall out? You are good the next day

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You are probably going to have a disagreement or two. But with siblings, this won’t end in a sulk marathon or a back biting session. That is because you know each other so well, that the reasons for disagreements are not surprising anymore. In fact, as sure as the tide you probably knew it was coming and glad it is out of the way.
A fall out with a regular person could lead to the perception of mistrust and hurt, these perceptions are rare amongst siblings for minor squabbles, and there is no space for over-thinking. The next day, or even a couple of hours later, a favourite cocktail or a bar of chocolate is more than enough to make amends.
An Enriching Experience

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Travelling with a sibling, most importantly, creates beautiful memories and strengthens the bond you share. As you grow older and your respective priorities take you on different paths in life, it is moments like these that you will cherish more and more. Take the time out now and enjoy a trip of a lifetime with a family member who is also a great friend. If you don’t have the time or resources to go on a long trip, plan a short one to Nandi Hills Bangalore or ahomestay in Masinagudi. Other recommendations include Bandipur resorts and other close-by resorts in Kanakpura road.