Kabini is the gateway to the wilderness of the towering Nilgiris range. It is also a hotspot for adrenaline junkies and wildlife enthusiasts. You can enjoy a trip to Kabini from Bangalore as this verdant destination is just a few hours’ drive away. There are many memorable stay options. Choose a Kabini river lodge or relax in the luxuries of a Kabini lake view resort. Whether it is with family or a bunch of friends, you will find enough attractions and experiences that will make you come back for more.
Kabini River

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The Kabini River snakes and flourishes through a dense pristine jungle and its waters are clear almost year round. It falls in one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in the world and the riverine landscape feeds the habitat of many species. The river flows into the Kaveri and its backwaters provide the habitat for many aquatic and avian species.
Kabini Dam
The Kabini Dam is more than half a km long and since its construction in 1974 has altered the landscape of the region. It created a permanent watering hole which now attracts a range of wildlife, including large herds of Asiatic elephants. The dam caters to many villages and hamlets in the region and the reservoir is also a very popular scenic spot. The dam reaches full capacity in the monsoons when its gates are opened, a powerful sight to behold. On sunnier days, the dam is a good spot to unwind. There are many who make the trip to Kabini from Mysore to have a small picnic at the dam site.
Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary offers a brush with the wilderness of Southern India. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the largest stretch of continuous forest in the region. The forest is home to the Indian bison and the Bengal tiger. Many nature photographers come to the Kabini forest for leopard sightings. The range is home to a population of black or melanistic leopards. What can be apter than an encounter with Bagheera in this Jungle-Book environment?
Adventure in Kabini

There are many activities you can enjoy on the Kabini River, the dam reservoir and the surrounding forest areas. Kayaking is a very pleasant way to navigate the gentle currents on the reservoir and also get up close to the birdlife. Not to mention, it also gives you a vigorous workout. Nature walks and safaris are also a must when you are here.
Apart from Kabini’s jungle stays you can also opt for Masinagudi homestays if you look for a more intimate experience. Those who need a breather but cannot make the long trip immediately can stick to somewhere closer to Bangalore. Find quality Nandi Hills accommodation where you can rejuvenate in the crisp air and also enjoy a hike or two. There are also resorts in Kanakapura Road where you can enjoy a day trip.