Bangalore is best known for its IT Sector, greenery and the various pubs and breweries that you can find at every corner. However the city is much more than that and has a lot more to offer. Another thing where it scores high is in the adventure games sector because of the number of different adventure activities that one can try out in and around the city. These games and activities are available at independent locations and also at the different resorts around the city. Resorts like Discovery Village are great for weekend getaways with friends and family. A number of resorts for corporate outings also offer these activities and are perfect to host get-togethers.

The below mentioned list will give you an insight into the various adventure activities the city has to offer. Make sure to check these out the next time you want that bit of adrenaline running through your blood.

  1. Dirt Biking

This activity has gained popularity in the recent years and a number of dirt biking tracks have opened up around the city. These tracks are equipped with all the facilities for modern biking and are specially designed to give you maximum thrill and fun. Dirt Mania Outdoor Adventure and Big Rock Moto Park are the two places offering this facility. Along with dirt bikes they also have quad bikes and the sessions need to be pre booked. One can either ride on the custom made track or take a step further and go on the nature ride trail. There is a fee attached to each session which differs from facility to facility.

  1. Trekking

There are umpteen numbers of options for trekking around Bangalore. You can travel up to a distance of 50 km for a good trek or can even go as far as 250 km. Some of the most famous spots for trekking are Nandi Hills and Savandurga Hills. Apart from this one can even go to Ramanagara, Makalidurga or Skandagiri for a good trekking experience. The cost for each trek depends on where you go and if you chose to go alone or in groups. However only go alone if you are an experienced trekker otherwise it is best to go with other people.

  1. Cave Exploration

This is a unique kind of adventure activity that not many know of or want to try out. One of the best places to go near Bangalore for this unique experience is Anthargange Mountain which has beautifully carved caves and rocky hills. The challenging pathways and unique carvings make this an activity worth trying out. Some of the paths offer panoramic views of the sky and completes the entire experience. It is best to book a guided tour for this and not venture out on your own.

  1. River Rafting

The many rivers around the city make for a perfect setting for river rafting and white water rafting. One of the best places to go for this is Dandeli in the northern part of Karntaka and many adventure companies help organize these experiences. The beautiful stretch of water makes this a very enjoyable experience. The cost differs from various companies and on the level of the water.

  1. Parasailing

This sport is famous among the youngsters and they can get a taste of this at Jakkur which is on the way to the airport. There are three different types of parasailing activities available which are winch boat parasailing, tow vehicle parasailing and platform parasailing. This can be done alone or with a trained professional and each session lasts for around twenty minutes.

  1. Rock Climbing

This activity can be done both indoor and outdoor and the city has options for both. The best place to do it outdoor is at Ramanagara and Badami. For indoor facility there is Mars Adventures in the city. The cost differs on the difficulty level chosen. For outdoor it is always better to go in groups.

  1. Dudhsagar Trek

This is a must do for anyone who loves adventure activities. The Dudhsagar falls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls at the border of the state and are perfect for anyone who loves challenges. Many group treks are held here and the most rewarding experience is at the end of the 14 km trek where you get beautiful views of Karnataka-Goa border.

All these activities are fun and challenging in their own way and must be tried out by everyone.