Rock climbing can appear to be a daunting task at first glance and rightly so. It gives your body a major workout with a focus on upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness not to mention the calories it helps burn! A mental workout is also ensured as you try to figure out the best way to navigate and stay safe. With plenty of rock climbing destinations within easy reach, wherever you are in Karnataka, it is time to try this activity if you’ve never done so before. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to commune with nature, or looking for team building activities, Bangalore offers several options to choose from, for rock climbers,
Get Into Gear:

Using the right gear is important when it comes to rock climbing. Appropriate footwear tops the list of things you will need and of course, a belay device, and lead rope. Other things you will need to include in your kit are a harness, a chalk bag, ascenders, protection devices and a carabiner. Carabiners are usually made of aluminium, but steel ones are also available, and these are heavier and better suited for group climbs and the like. Belay devices, meanwhile, come in passive and active designs.
Roping it in:

There are different types of ropes used in rock climbing, such as dynamic ropes, low elongation ropes, and nylon webbing. Used with a carabiner, webbing can be turned into a quickdraw. Webbing can also be used to carry equipment, create makeshift harnesses or an anchor around a tree or a rock.
The Core of the Matter:

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As a climber, it is important for you to have a strong core. Besides helping you move on and handle overhangs efficiently, a solid core can help keep injuries at bay. The best way to attain this is through a mix of different exercises simultaneously targeted at different parts of your body. But be sure to let your muscles recover by resting for a day or two every week.
Pick Up the Jargon:

As you plunge into your rock climbing journey, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with some commonly used terms. This will come in handy when you are rock climbing and have to follow directions or require some assistance at any time. Apart from terms identifying the equipment, you will come across words such as these:

  • Bight – a bend in a rope
  • Biner – abbreviated form of carabiner
  • Bump – quickly shifting your hand or foot from one hold to another
  • Dyno – a move where a climber lunges or jumps to the next hold
  • Jug – an easy to grasp hold
  • Sit-Start – beginning a climb while you are sitting on the ground
  • Solo –climb alone without any protection
  • Whipper – long fall

Once you have mastered the basics of rock climbing, opting for a group climb is the best bet for a while. After you gain experience and muster confidence to explore unfamiliar territory, there are plenty of rock climbing spots with varying degrees of difficulty awaiting you across Karnataka! So get your gear together and head to Nandi Hills Bangalore for a day of rock climbing under expert supervision.