A company that succeeds is a company that takes care of its employees. A symbiotic relationship between the two is necessary to maintain a harmonious and productive work environment. The salary that is credited to the bank account at the end of every month is definitely a huge motivation for them to come to work every day but sometimes that is not enough. Companies need to look beyond and think of other ways to boost the morale of the workplace to keep it functioning smoothly. Every business, whether small or big looks at organizing team outings which gives the employees an environment to bond beyond the workplace. This keeps them recharged and helps them work better with the others in their team.

The Human Resource Department is often on the lookout for places to hold such outings. A list of six places for corporate day outing Bangalore corporates can consider is listed below. Apart from just these places, there are a lot of Bangalore Resorts like Discovery Village which helps in organizing day long activities for the employees that corporates can consider looking at.
Nandi Hills

Ask anyone in Bangalore to name the best place to see the sunset and sunrise and they will instantly start talking about Nandi Hills. However, the wonders of this natural beauty extend beyond just this and a lot of corporates head here to hold day outings for its employees. The Discovery Village resort located at the base of Nandi Hills comes with a café which serves delicious food. The various activities on offer at the campsite are trekking, mountain climbing, zorbing and paragliding amongst others.

Nature Adventure Camp

This camp situated in Kanakapura is specifically designed for team building activities. It is set in the middle of the Bananthimari State Forest Range and makes for an ideal set up to recharge everyone. Some of the interesting things to do here are trekking, ice walking, tent pitching, kayaking, zip lining and corrosive walking. The camp also helps in organizing any other activity that you might want for your team members.


This place known for its breathtaking natural beauty is situated at just about 105 km from the city center and is a very popular place for team outings. The mountain slopes that are covered with greenery and the swift currents of the Cauvery River are a major attraction for adventure lovers and makes for an ideal place to organize action-packed activities. Teams can indulge in trekking and water rafting along with a picnic to make it a memorable day for everyone.

Grover-Zampa Vineyards

Food and wine is a match made in heaven. Put these two together with lush green surroundings along with a room full of wine and you have the perfect recipe for a day out for the employees. Located about three hours away from the city, place organizes group tours around the vineyard where you learn about the evolution and history of the grape making process. The entire process of wine making is then demonstrated followed by a wine tasting session along with a buffet lunch. The scenic beauty adds to the entire experience and will not leave your employees whine-ing for a long long time!