Monsoon is perhaps the most important season in India. The rains not only provide relief from the heat, the good weather also becomes an excuse for travel enthusiasts to pack their bags and hit the road. For those who love trekking, the monsoon season is the perfect time to put on their trekking shoes and kick-start the adventure.

There are some fantastic weekend getaway treks efrom Bangalor that provide a great opportunity to the trekking enthusiasts to satiate their thirst for adventure. If you are looking for the best places to hike & trek during this rainy season, listed below are some great spots for trekking around Bangalore.

    1. Dudhsagar trek: A trek to one of India’s tallest waterfalls is bound to be extraordinary. Situated on the Mandovi River, the Dudhsagar fall is located on the Karnataka-Goa border. Its unparalleled scenic beauty, extraordinary terrain and the rich flora and fauna make it a perfect location for trekking. The normal trek route should take you between 6 to 8 hours to complete.

      Photo Credit: Adventure365

    2. Tadiandamol trek: The third highest peak in Karnataka is a preferred trek circuit for many trekking enthusiasts. The trek route is well defined and the difficulty level is moderate, allowing even beginners to take a shot at trekking. The route is flanked by the dense Shola forests and the hill is covered with mist, especially during the rainy season, making the entire journey enchanting and unreal.

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    3. Nishani Motte trek: If you are looking to spend some quality and peaceful time enjoying the bounties of nature, then the Nishani Motte, located near Coorg in Karnataka is the perfect location to go trekking. Being a protected forest area, any trekking activities here need a permit from the forest department. The cloud covered peaks and the lush green fields are sure to take you into a state of bliss.

      Photo Credit: Advensure

    4. Nandi hills trek: If you want to go on a trek near Bangalore, then Nandi hills is the best place to go to. Only 61 KM’s away from Bangalore, Nandi hills offer some spectacular views from its various viewpoints on the top, especially during the monsoons. It is also a sought-after place for many corporates day outings. The Discovery Village resort, located in the vicinity of Nandi Hills is an ideal place to carry out team building activities and have a fun filled get together.

      Photot Credit: Bangalore Mountaineering Club

    5. Kodachadri trek: For those who like creating their own pathway as they walk, the Kodachadri trek is just about perfect. A national heritage site, the trek to Kodachadri mountain peak does not have any pre-defined trekking routes. What makes the trek even more exciting is the presence of pristine waterfalls, rich flora, and fauna, viewpoints that offer spectacular sunset views. This trek is sure to leave you mesmerized and spellbound. The total trek distance is about 18 KM’s and takes about 5-7 hours to complete.

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      Trekking during the monsoons is a wonderful experience. It is the best time to experience nature in all its aura. A well-planned trekking trip is sure to leave you with some enriching experience and long-lasting memories.