Traveling during monsoons has its own thrill. After the searing heat of the summers, the monsoon rains provide much relief to the sweltering Earth. The rivers start flowing again, the forests gain back their greenery and the waterfalls come back to life once again. Good weather accompanied with changing landscapes makes it an ideal time to take a break and travel around.
The online tricky part about traveling during the monsoon season is that the rains can play a spoilsport and restrict you from venturing outdoors. Also, the chances of falling ill increase during this period. Taking necessary precautions and being prepared becomes very important during this time.
Listed below are five simple tips for monsoon travel that will allow you to enjoy your break to the fullest.

  1. Pack more synthetic clothes: Cotton clothes absorb more water and get wet easily. Synthetic clothes, on the other hand, resist water absorption, keeping you dry for a longer time. Also, it is easier to wash off stains from synthetic material. Ensure that you pack a good number of synthetic clothes for your trip during the monsoons.

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  2. Carry medicines and repellents: Moist weather can cause common flu, fever, and other infections. Extreme health precautions need to be taken when traveling in the rainy season. Always keep common medicines for conditions such as fever, cold, cough, and allergies handy. Rains also encourage the breeding of mosquitoes and other disease-spreading insects. It is advised that you always keep a good repellent handy, especially if you are traveling to hills or forest areas.

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  3. Check the weather report and news in advance: If you do not want to end up spending your vacation in a hotel room, then make it a point to check the weather forecasts in advance. Also, before you begin your travel, especially to a hill station, make sure to check if there has been any landslide or road closure due to heavy rains.

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  4.  Avoid street food: The most common cause for picking up infections during the rainy season is consumption of street food. It is best to avoid the temptation to consume such food, especially when you are not aware of the hygiene levels and the water being used by the street food vendor.

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4. Carry umbrellas and raincoat: These two items will ensure that you remain dry through-out your journey. It is always a good idea to have a raincoat handy. In case of umbrellas, most hotels will provide one on request.

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