If biking is your thing and you can’t resist the temptation of riding on long, winding roads with cool winds blowing over, accompanied with overcast skies, the enticing smell of wet Earth and tiny drops of rain hitting you, then a bike ride on these five routes are sure to thrill you.

  1. Bangalore to Kabini: Leaving the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan behind and heading to the jungle might not gain you nirvana, but it will certainly make you forget all the chaos and allow you to re-discover yourself. A road trip from Bangalore to Kabini is perfect during monsoons. A stretch of around 220 KMs, it is dotted with lush green forests and magnificent hills that will leave you mesmerized. Once at Kabini, do not miss jungle treks and a ride on the river Kabini. Discovery Village resort will provide a perfect pit stop to rest your engines if you plan to stay at Kabini for a night or two.

    Photo Credit: India Today

  2. Mumbai to Goa: Goa is a dream holiday destination for many people in the country and a bike ride all the way to the party capital of India will spice things up for sure. The distance to be covered in a Mumbai to Goa road trip is around 550 KMs, and what makes this distance worthy of a road trip is the scenic, natural beauty almost throughout the route. First, the Ghats of Khandala and Lonavala and then the Konkan Ghats are dotted with lush green hills, thundering waterfalls and long, winding roads that are a treat to traverse during the monsoons. A proper biking gear is a must when riding on these routes.

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  3. Shillong to Cherapunji: A trip to the wettest place on Earth is sure to be an adventure in itself. Situated only 54 KM’s apart, a bike ride from Shillong to Cherapunji will only make you wish that the two towns were further apart. The entire stretch traverses through the East Khasi hills and the route is full of scenic sights such as waterfalls, the most famous one being the seven sisters falls, deep valleys, and thick forests. During the monsoons, driving through the thick white mist feels nothing short of driving in heaven itself. You will also drive through many Khasi villages, most of which are model towns for being extremely clean and environment friendly, making the road trip a once in a lifetime experience.

    Photo Credit: National Geographic

  4. Udaipur to Mount Abu: While the idea of a bike ride through the desert might not fascinate you, riding from Udaipur to Mount Abu on a bike is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised, especially during the monsoons. Situated 163 KM’s apart, traveling to Mount Abu feels nothing like traveling in a desert. Thanks to the Aravalli range, this part of Rajasthan receives sufficient rainfall and is full of life. Do not forget to visit the world famous Dilwara Jain temples once you have reached your destination.

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  5. Hyderabad to Tirupati via Nallamala forest: Travelling to Tirupati by road serves you two purposes, it satiates your thirst for a long ride and also allows you to seek blessings from Lord Venkateshwara. Add to this, the lush green belt of Nallamala forests and a light drizzle accompanied with a cool breeze. All of this put together makes the perfect recipe for a lovely bike ride. The 550 KM distance can be covered in no time at all if you have your loved ones riding alongside you.

    Photo Credit: Team-BHP

    These are some of the must-try biking destinations in the country. Do not forget to use a helmet and proper biking gear while traveling over long distances.