For those of you who have not been part of the corporate culture for too long, Outbound Training might sound like a course on how to live in the great outback. This cannot be further from reality. Outbound training is a set of outdoor activities organized at some of the best resorts in Bangalore that are aimed to increase efficiency and productivity of employees. If you are a team manager or are responsible for a bunch of professionals or even students in your class, then it is well worth your time to think about outbound training activities to strengthen your team.
The outbound training benefits are many and these include an improvement of leadership skills, communication, trust, and even better teamwork. While there are many resorts in Bangalore for team outing that offer specialized outbound training activities, you must look at these five unique activities that will leave a positive mark on your employees.

   1.  Water Volleyball

Photo credit: LA84 Foundation
We all remember those summer holidays when rows upon rows of balloons would be filled with water after which a water balloon fight would erupt. Water volleyball takes the same delight of working with water-filled spheres and adapts it to a new and more exciting challenge.
The participants are divided into two teams who stand on either side of a volleyball net. Each team is given a large satin cloth which they must use to throw and catch the water balloons. One team will use the cloth to launch a water balloon which the other team must catch it using their cloth. This continues back and forth until a team moves too slowly and the water balloon brakes on someone.

   2.  Blind Square


Photo Creative: Discovery Village

This game is built to open up discussions around teamwork and the challenges and frustrations of working in a team. The participants are made to stand around in a circle with an arm’s length between the participants. They are then blindfold and a loop of rope will be placed on the open palms of each contestant. The participants must work together to create the perfect square. Each side must be equal and at no time can the participants remove their blindfold or let go of the rope. After the group decides that they have formed the perfect square, they must lay the rope on the ground and remove their blindfold in order to see how they’ve done. After this, a series of questions regarding the team exercise should open up an honest discussion.

   3.  Helium Stick

Photo Credit: Discovery Village
This is a deceptively simple activity that reinforces the importance of working together. Divide the group to line up into two rows facing each other. Everyone must extend their hands with the index fingers pointing outward. Align the fingers and place the Helium Stick (a simple, long, thin stick) on the index fingers such that it is parallel to the ground. The rules are simple. The aim of the activity is to lower the stick onto the ground while the index fingers remain in constant contact with the stick. Keep a watch out for people pinching or holding the stick. Once the activity begins, participants will be surprised to find that the stick is moving upwards! This is because, in an effort to keep balance the stick on the index finger, and to keep in constant contact with the stick, the stick tends to move upwards. Once your team begins to concentrate and focus and work together, they should be able to lower the stick.

   4.  Twister

Photo Credit: Discovery Village
This is an oldie but goldie with a twist! Follow the traditional rules of the Twister game but add elements of teamwork to make this game more interesting. Divide the group into teams who will elect one member to actually twist on the Twister mat. The rest of the team will be in charge of solving any clues or puzzles before which the team member on the mat will not be allowed to make a move.

   5.  Three Island

Photo Credit: Discovery Village
This activity is ideal for a large group. Divide the participants into two teams and have three subgroups within each team. Each subgroup will be given separate sets of instructions and different end goals. Each subgroup must also help the other groups to achieve their task without violating any of their instructions. Once all the tasks are complete, then the team has finished its activity. The team to finish the activity first, or fastest, wins. The possibilities with this type of set up are endless and you can try various themes from tech to physical activities to even cooking challenges.
The options for outbound training in Bangalore are limitless with only your imagination curtailing your options. If you are planning a team outing, check for a Nandi hills resort price which suits your budget, and enjoy a getaway with your colleagues.