The end of the quarter is almost here and things will get crazy at the office. At the same time, it is a perfect time to reward the team for all the efforts, the overtime and the brainstorming sessions. Celebrate the end of the financial year in style and get everyone pumped up for the next. Here are 5 fun annual company event ideas.

Escape Rooms

Photo Credit: Ferrara By Nigh
What better way to bond with colleagues and bosses than an adventure packed escape room? Solve a series of puzzles and mysteries to get yourself and your friends out of a themed escape room, a concept derived from interactive fiction and video games. This physical game requires a lot of teamwork and a certain amount of problem-solving, and of course, it is a whole lot of fun.

Destination Long Lunch

Photo Credit: Flexi Office
For this coming corporate annual day celebration, you can keep it simple with a nice lunch session in a getaway out of town. Cocktails and kebabs are a great way to get the team mingling, as they lounge poolside or explore the scenic surroundings. A stretched-out lunch session can include many fun activities in between, maybe some music and some interactive games. Taking the party out of the office environs also helps everyone refresh and regroup. There are many resorts in Kanakapura Road which are tailor-made for such office getaways.

A Healthy Breakfast Party

Photo Credit: Piccolo Trattoria Catering
A different take on the usual office party ideas, a healthy breakfast party can add some spice to your team dynamics. It does not have to be a quick early morning session – a half-day event is more like it. Throw in some games and music along with a buffet of delicious snacks. We often associate office mornings with serious business and overnight email backlogs – a morning event like this one can help shake things up a bit.

A Night Out Under the Stars

Photo Credit: Discovery Village
Camping trips bring us back to the fundamentals of existence and the simple joys that we miss out when living in the city. It is also a good choice of activity for an office setup. Step out of the boardrooms and replace it with the bonhomie of a campfire and a starlit sky. Camping also builds on the basic principles of altruism and teamwork, which strengthens the bond and loyalty between your team members, as they share these incredible memories together. Check out a host of Masinagudi resorts where you and your colleagues can enjoy a spectacular night out in the wilderness.

Pool Party

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Splashing around in the pool will never go out of fashion. Cool off the heat and stress of your hectic year-end duties with a refreshing drink by the water. A pool party for the team members is sure to start a lot of interactions as friendships blossom. Arranging a pool party is really simple. Choose Discovery Village from many available resorts in Bangalore for corporate team outing. Book the pool and include a host of games and activities around it.
Team events are an important part of the office calendar. These are the occasions where you can cement an office culture that is productive and takes care of everyone’s interest. Plan it well and enjoy a happy workplace for the rest of the year.