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Kabini, due to its location close to Bangalore, has become a hub of nature activities and jungle trips. Birdwatchers also love to converge in these pristine forests to catch a glimpse at some of the many bird species living here. Here are 5 of the popular birds you will come across.

White Wagtail

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The white wagtail is one of the most exotic bird species in Kabini National Park. One can summarise the colour of this small bird as various shades of grey and white. These birds can be caught prowling on dragonflies, a favourite meal. They also love other insects and can be found foraging in the ground for grubs and worms.

Pied Bush Chat

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This tiny passerine bird species has been chronicled in the folk tales of the Toda tribe and is a constant in the jungles of the Nilgiris. The Pied Bush Chat is found across Asia. You are more likely to find it perched on small bushes, low trees and shrubs, looking for insects in the ground – its favourite delicacy. The male birds are black with a white rump. Their lower bellies and wing patches are also white. Females are brown with slight streaks. The Pied Bush Chat does not grow more than 13 centimetres tall.

Weaver Bird

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Look for bright yellow feathers in the foliage of Kabini’s forests. The Baya Weaver, as the name suggests weaves elaborate nests using material like grass pieces, hay, twigs and leaves. These gourd-shaped dwellings hover strongly attached to the branches of trees with an entrance that faces downwards. The nest of the weaver bird is divided into different chambers – showcasing the complex engineering skills that come to these birds as a natural instinct.

Golden Oriole

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Another glorious looking bird that calls Kabini home is the Golden Oriole. Apart from its distinctive plumage, mainly yellow with a bit of black and a tinge of red, this bird is a fast flyer – it can swoop at 40 kms an hour, quite a feat for a fairly small species. These birds love their insects, nectar and fruits – try to capture a feeding oriole if you have brought your camera along. Just like most other birds, they play a role in the dispersion of seeds in the forest. Golden Orioles have been caught eating lizards too.


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Another highlight when birding in Kabini is the hoopoe. Hoopoes are a family of brightly coloured birds, many of which are found in the jungles of Kabini. Their most distinctive features are the crown on the head and the patterned plumage which is a blend of pink and brown. They are extremely popular amongst the birders of Kabini and you can sight them in most places across the reserve.
Apart from the birds of Kabini wildlife includes many large animals like leopards and jackals. The river landscape provides a venue for coracle rides and treks. Nagarhole National Park is also close by, a famous tiger reserve of Karnataka.
Find the best resorts in Kabini for a memorable birding experience. There are some other destinations closer to Bangalore where one can enjoy birding and nature trails. A stay at Nandi Hills can include some early morning bird watching while there are resorts in Kanakapura Road where one can explore the lush surroundings and encounter vibrant birds.