A destination wedding is a new trend that Indian couples are increasingly choosing for their special day. Picturesque and exclusive destinations with good facilities are the sort of places that are the most sought after. A wedding is once in a lifetime event, and the hosts today do not want to leave any stone unturned to make it memorable for everyone who is a part of this auspicious ceremony.
If you are looking for an iconic destination to get married this summer, then Nandi Hills near Bangalore has to be on the top of your list. This destination offers a beautiful setting that is perfect for marking the onset of an equally beautiful journey.
Following are the 3 reasons why Nandi Hills is perfect for your summer wedding:

The scenic beauty:

Watching the sunrise spread its beautiful wings, from behind a layer of clouds amidst the hills, is a site that everyone craves for. A wedding at Nandi hills is bound to give you ample amount of opportunities to experience the aura of sunrise as a new page dawns in your life. Even the guests who attend the wedding ceremony will be left enthralled by the charm of the setting. A perfect place to begin the new innings of your life, the various viewpoints and other tourist spots at Nandi hills are sure to keep all the guests captivated and excited.

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The historical and religious significance:

The location is truly pristine and blessed. Two rivers originate from the hills, imparting the vibes of peace and purity. The hills were known as Anandagiri, meaning the hills of happiness. It is the perfect place to kick-start your journey into a new world of happiness, love, and joy with your loved ones. Nandi hills is also a symbolic religious place. They are believed to be the abode of many Gods and play host to temples such as the Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy temple, Yoga Nandeeshwara temple, Anjaneya temple and many more. What could be a better location to get married than the one which has been blessed with such divinity?

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Availability of awesome resorts:

There are a good number of wedding resorts at Nandi hills which hold the best of experiences in hosting wedding ceremonies and are known for their topnotch hospitality services. Being located very close to Bangalore city and at a stone’s throw away from the Bangalore International airport, Nandi Hills is a favourable location, being aloof from all the hustle-bustle. The resorts in Nandi Hills are fully equipped to serve you so that you don’t have to worry about the arrangements and just enjoy the wedding thoroughly.

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Getting married in the lap of nature has its own charm and excitement. Starting a new journey in a calm, peaceful and elegant setting will infuse the same vibes into your life as well. Therefore, Nandi Hills is nothing short of heaven when it comes to being a destination for your summer wedding.