There is nothing like travelling in the world, but also there is nothing like travelling with your family in the world. Your true test as a family, apart from during the tough times, are the times when you travel together. It creates memories that will last a lifetime. There are a number of different resorts for family that one can go stay at and spend some quality time together. One of the most family friend resorts is Discovery Village which is great for a family outing. It has a number of facilities like karaoke night, brunch by the pool, trekking and rappelling, overnight camping, ziplining, zorbing and boat cruise which are great for families and leaves behind moments to cherish forever. For anyone staying in South India, there are a number of outings near Bangalore like at Nandi Hills, Coorg, Kabini, Ooty among others that one can think of visiting for an enjoyable family vacation.

Now that the destinations and accommodation part has been taken care, it is time to look at certain reasons why travelling with your family is important and what are some of the benefits of it.

1) It encourages family bonding – nothing bonds a family together than a car during a road trip with no other escape. There is no family experience like travelling. It cuts out all the distractions of our daily life and allows you to spend uninterrupted quality time only with each other in new and exciting places with new experiences.

2) It creates memories for life – fifty years later when you look back at times with your family, it will not be the ones that you spent apart. It will be the ones you spent sharing a gelato in Italy, taking a wildlife ride through a National Park in Bangalore, shopping at Times Square or relaxing on the beaches of Seychelles. These are what you will cherish all your life and look back at with a smile on your face.

3) It provides some of the best learning experiences – it allows the family to try out different things and different experiences together that will not be possible while sitting on the couch in front of the television. It allows the kids to learn about a new country, pick up a few words of a different language, try some new food and learn about the culture of the place. It changes the perception of everyone in the family and helps them learn a little more about the beautiful world we stay in.

4) It encourages creativity – experiencing new sounds, smells, tastes and sights as a family is proven to have brought new vitality to your brains and your life. The ability to make connections and see the world through different lens, helps the entire family grow together.

5) It keeps the stress away – in the kind of life we are living, stress is inevitable. Whether it is work stress or school stress, kids are as overburdened and overwhelmed just like their parents. Taking a break from all this and travelling as a family can prove to be the much-needed relief that everyone in the family needs.
6) It helps you get to know each other better – your sister might like a certain dish that you never knew about and your mother might actually be a great swimmer, you just did not know! Travelling teaches you about your family like nothing else.

7) It makes you more tolerant – sometimes you will have to wait for your turn at the bathroom in the hotel room or eat a cuisine your sibling likes but you do not. All of this teaches you to be more tolerant and enjoy what is rather.

8) It helps the family stay fit – kids are so caught up with video games and television and adults with their laptops, that they have forgotten what being outdoors feels like. Activities like trekking, surfing, cycling not only make for great activities that you can do together as a family, but also ensures your fitness levels are in check. Nothing like running behind your siblings on the beach and then taking a dip in the ocean.

9) It teaches you to be a better person – not everything will go accordingly to plan and specifically according to your plan. There are unexpected things that you will experience for the first time as a family but all the learnings will make you appreciate each other even more.

10) It teaches lessons for life – travelling is not a flawless experience. There are delayed flights, bad food and minor illness that are a part of any trip. But overcoming them together as a family and looking out for each other is what makes the entire experience so special and unforgettable.

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